This just in from the vA Central office. Va has just purchased 5 of these nifty Binford® commercial paperless claims processing devices for each VARO. Simply enter the claims in at the top and hit the power button. Eco-green friendly and accepts left, right and center sections at the same time for fast processing. Going paperless has never been so easy. VA hopes to eventually be able to shred  upload as many as 14,000 files a day and reach their goal of being C-fileless by 2015. VA assures us there will be no glitches and no files will be lost or misplaced in the destruction transition phaseover. They predict 98% accuracy at converting these into a recyclable product that is landfill friendly.

Binford 9900 claimomatic


 Clyde Hopperstad of the Seattle VARO’s mailroom says ” Boy, I sure hope they put one in our office. This will really cut down on our workload. We’ve been trying to get a shre-ah-Efiler installed for years since the OIG took our old one and locked it up. Shoot. No wonder there’s a backlog.”

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  1. Mikey says:

    I sure am going to throw them for a loop when I send them a CD with all my claims on them.I wonder if their new toy has a USB port on it?I will keep all the paper version of my claim in my possession.One CD will easyily hold 40# of paper files with room for more!! Mikey

  2. azeejensmom says:

    They should fill the cracks so Veterans claims won’t be able to slip through them ….

    • randy says:

      Beautiful idea but unrealistic. The VA prides itself in blowing the proverbial smoke and expecting us to accept it as fact. With over 900,000 claims at some stage in the process, and growing daily, it just does not seem to be an issue which will be resolved in my lifetime. Denials, loopholes, morons making medical opinions etc. will keep this rolling along at a snails pace for generations. If it were not so sad it would be laughable. And to think that the House and Senate have adversarial issues.

  3. randy says:

    I have copies of my C-file and even though many trees had to die for it I felt compelled to CMA in the event that there might somehow become a “glitch”. Would highly recommend others do the same. I had to do a sit down with a pro bono attorney who wrote to VA and demanded the files but it was amazing how fast the VA complied when he became “involved”. The files concern my situation and therefore should be in my possession.

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