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Leaking or FOIA Requests?

Frank sends us links to a series of quality ProPublica articles, published with The Virginian-Pilot, about the on-going scourge of Agent Orange. A webpage titled Reliving Agent Orange (Link), links to numerous articles about Agent Orange and their lawsuit (12/16/16) … Continue reading

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Thank you to Jennifer for this one. I had not heard of it. This is why Vets need each other as a close-support network. Veterans Lawyers’ and NOVA should put this in the rolodex. https://www.vetcompandpen.com/   P.S. And, of course … Continue reading

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Jerrel called me up and asked if I could do a show on my post about DM II. Sorry Jerrel, but that was Keidove’s post and a mighty fine one, too. BVA decisions turn up interesting facts and we’ll discuss … Continue reading

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Vet forced to go off DMII meds to prove he has it

Nurses have told us that DMII is a chronic condition; that once you have it, you always have it.  And to never go off the restricted diet or risk suffering terrible side effects.   When we lived in a senior … Continue reading

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I have worked with Karen in Florida for a long time on this. Kurt Priessman excavated a large number of CHECO Reports and ‘lost’ pages over the years which fleshed out the rather dubious military/VA insistence on the use of … Continue reading

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Veterans and Agent Orange: final update released

Frank (VT) has sent us a link to the article Vietnam Vets Push VA to Link Bladder Cancer to Agent Orange (LINK).  It concerns the newest update on the government research series called, “Veterans and Agent Orange.”  The 1000-page book can be read online … Continue reading

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Who woulda thunk it? I’m immortal or so I thought. Saturday morning at 0400 I woke up and discovered I couldn’t breathe. Imagine being under water for several minutes and struggling to reach the surface to take a large, overdue … Continue reading

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