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Wowser. What a year so far. I just had the ultimate letdown. I saw my Cardio doctor Monday for an annual checkup. I shared with him that I’d had a hard time swearing off bacon in the last year or … Continue reading

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“New” Agent Orange Presumptives Amendment–next stop, House leadership, then President Trump

Around three years ago, VA Sec. Doctor David Shulkin, on the basis of scientific evidence, was on the verge of rule-making in favor of adding bladder cancer, Parkinson’s-like symptoms and hypothyroidism as service-connected presumptive AO diseases.  Shulkin was fired.  Since … Continue reading

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Hepatitis (HCV) extrahepatic manifestation: Non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Those paying attention to HCV infections know that the virus is a leading cause of  hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).  Less well known, is that HCV can cause another cancer:  B-cell Non-Hodgkin lymphoma (NHL) (Pubmed -Link) (Pubmed-vet study 2007). My old Marine … Continue reading

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Lonestar belt buckles and old faded Levis… and each night begins a new day. And here we are at the Big House. It’s been a long journey from 2008 to 2020. Learn, learn and learn. And I had to go … Continue reading

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Cupcake and I were self-isolating with good reason before the poop hit the fan. This began way back in early February. We got the ugly news about a month ago when the blood labs check engine light came on. Her … Continue reading

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Keeping in mind the fact that I am demented and starve without humor infusions, I do respect all you folks’ concerns over this nasty corona thing. It’s ugly. It’s dangerous to us old farts although I hear some dude in … Continue reading

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My daddy the Fighter Pilot used to sing me to sleep with that ditty in Albany Georgia back in the early fifties. We lived near Turner AFB at 1705 12th Ave. HEmlock 6-2613 just up the hill from Slappey Blvd. … Continue reading

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Nothing tickles me better than to get a mess of wins in one week. You folks who allow me to represent you have no idea how much pleasure I get when I slay the proverbial Goliath. It’s certainly not like … Continue reading

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Well, this isn’t exactly a  “remove before flight” checklist with the red ribbons of old so much as a “Rule Out” medical checklist. At our age, some of these disabilities can be attributed to other extraneous causes besides AO-but not … Continue reading

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I enjoy reading these VA reports. It beats the pants off the VAOIG VAMC hospital inspections. Since they could never pass the high bar for emergency rooms, VA simply declared the ERs persona non grata. Now, if you show up … Continue reading

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