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Prominent NYU nephrologist takes an interest in Agent Orange (AO)

The FASEB Journal, 1 April, 2014   April 1, 2014  https://doi.org/10.1096/fj.14-0402ufm  Publisher:  Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology  (The photo below is from a different interesting project.) Dr. Jerome Lowenstein wrote a well-rounded essay, Agent Orange and Heart Disease: Is There a Connection? (LINK to … Continue reading

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Interesting topics

Silvia and Frank have forwarded links to some research and news items that are relevant to our concerns at asknod. From Silvia, this 2009-2007 report is about jet guns (or jet injectors, if you prefer) written from an animal health … Continue reading

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Leaking or FOIA Requests?

Frank sends us links to a series of quality ProPublica articles, published with The Virginian-Pilot, about the on-going scourge of Agent Orange. A webpage titled Reliving Agent Orange (Link), links to numerous articles about Agent Orange and their lawsuit (12/16/16) … Continue reading

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Thank you to Jennifer for this one. I had not heard of it. This is why Vets need each other as a close-support network. Veterans Lawyers’ and NOVA should put this in the rolodex. https://www.vetcompandpen.com/   P.S. And, of course … Continue reading

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Jerrel called me up and asked if I could do a show on my post about DM II. Sorry Jerrel, but that was Keidove’s post and a mighty fine one, too. BVA decisions turn up interesting facts and we’ll discuss … Continue reading

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Vet forced to go off DMII meds to prove he has it

Nurses have told us that DMII is a chronic condition; that once you have it, you always have it.  And to never go off the restricted diet or risk suffering terrible side effects.   When we lived in a senior … Continue reading

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I have worked with Karen in Florida for a long time on this. Kurt Priessman excavated a large number of CHECO Reports and ‘lost’ pages over the years which fleshed out the rather dubious military/VA insistence on the use of … Continue reading

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