Our east Coast purveyor of all VA knowledge worth printing has discovered a new cache of humor from a select salty group we often shortchange on this site. Not that I am remiss in representing Squids but I do tend to wonder why any Vet would want to sign up for celibacy for four years with occasional time outs. That’s the peak of our testosterone-fueled lives in case they didn’t notice. Equally in a nutshell, why march or paddle when you can fly there? That’s why the good Lord invented airplanes. This wasn’t an “Eeny meeny miny mo- Air Force-Army- Navy- Marines” outside the recruiter’s office, was it? 

Nevertheless, here’s a rich cornucopia of wild and crazy Navy Vets who must spend some serious dough on testosterone cream and Viagra.  You’ll notice they don’t use Phonics™ to sound dem vessel names out.

Canuck sailor  with good education

Oakland, CA

We know where Texas brains are

The eternal optimist. One has to wonder if that’s a “2” or an eleven

Texas for sure





A rumor in his own room

A legend in his own mind

Bipolar Lifer

Bill Clinton’s former  smaller, personal pleasure yacht in Arkansas c.1979

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