Jerrell called me the other day while I was on the way back from DC. He must have heard me fly over. He and Mr. Basser want to do another radio show. It sure doesn’t take much to get me to flap my lips in front of a microphone. They must realize that because I seem to be the go-to guy for these one hour gabfests lately. Truth be told, I consider it an honor to do so.

Jerrell is not in good health so you all need to call in with questions to help him conserve his oxygen levels. He just escaped the eeeevil clutches of the hospital from pneumonia. I’ll be discussing my recent trip back to DC to be sworn in to the Court. As you can expect, we’ll probably end up talking about a lot more than that. We always do.

Please join us at 1600 Hrs LCT (Left Coast Time) or, for all you on the (L)east Coast, that would be 1900 hrs. Subtract one hour for Central time zone. If that’s all just too confusing and you miss it, he’ll put it up on the Hadit site in the archives.

Remember, the number has- and probably always will be:


If you wish to ask a question, hit the number #1 on your phone to engage transmit capabilities.


Be there or be square, cowpokes

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  1. Jim Orpin says:

    What is the station name, and where is it located?

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