Two nexus letters are a powerful pair to draw to. The VA Examiner came up short because their own M-21 1MR says it very clearly in Part III, Subpart iv. 4.1.2e. We’re coming into a new world of Veterans Law Judges (VLJs) who are free thinkers. What was once an impossibility in 1992 is not so impossible now.

Check out VLJ Jonathan B. Kramer’s handiwork. Besides, any pair beats Ace high in VA poker.

An IPA and some barbecue-flavored chips go well with this one. Johnny Vet didn’t win this at the able hands of the DAV  in Houston. No way, doggies. I expect he’s been reading a lot of asknod and

Or… how about this one. One positive nexus letter (private) versus one negative nexus letter generated by a VA examiner= equipoise and you win. Just make sure your nexus letter is probative and discusses all modes of transmission.


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2 Responses to BVA–12/29/2017 PURE JETGUN WIN FOR HEP C

  1. Gary Butler says:

    Darn a short, very understandable decision. I do have a question: Who was person who had the sense to gather the required evidence and present it in a cogent manner to The Board? The Veteran himself or Disabled American Veterans? I have an opinion based on my past experience but have learned the hard way you can never paint all folks with the same brush…

  2. woodguy11 says:

    I am glad for this guy. Still waiting for BVA decision

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