I’ll let you be the judge and the jury on this one. What do you do with a cabinet-level political appointee who breaks the law? Let’s put aside the sandbox politics and look at this as adults. You’re appointed to high position and voted in by Congress. You’re making about $400 K + with bennies as a senior SES. Somebody offers you some free tickets to Wimbledon and you know that’s a Bozo no-no. Further, it costs $4,312.00 dollars to take the wifesan (also a highly-paid MD) along.


Miz Vivieca

So what does the morally upstanding rich DINK (dual income no kids) decide? He lets a highly paid assistant pull a boner and try to cheat the okesan onto the entourage for free. When busted by some irate VA whistleblower for this idiocy, the assistant tries to back write the emails that show the illicit behaviour. Then when busted for that, Miz Vivieca tries to insinuate that the VA email system (password and PIV card-protected by CITRIX) has been hacked. Musta been some other body-no,no child it wasn’t me. Finally, acquiescing to the inevitability of her predicament, she retires to take the real story with her and be the fall guy for Dr Demento. I guess the biggest mystery is how the VAOIG caught wind of it and didn’t find it actionable in the first instance. But then, when was the last time you heard of VA’s OIG actually advocating for sanctions against any VA employee? What really rolls my socks down is that the whistleblower wasn’t tarred and feathered (yet).

The poll question is inevitable. Who believes this hooey? Should the Honorable Secretary fall on his sword and end this Kabuki theatre?  What does Joe Average Vet on the street say? If one of us lied and then admitted to it (in a round about way) we’d be out on the sidewalk in front of 810 Yellowbrick Road NW holding a cardboard box containing our desk paraphernalia faster than you could say Jack Robinson. Once again, we here at asknod trust you not to stuff the ballot box and will employ no cookies to block you.

Tell me what you all think.

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  1. SPrice says:

    The question should have been “Should he be fired or resign?”

  2. Wendy says:

    And pay back all over spending and spending for personal use.

  3. Kiedove says:

    That’s the point. He and his wife didn’t need a free airline ticket so why would he take such a reckless chance for a few thousand dollars?
    He didn’t. He’s a rich, rational busy guy; a long term staffer, who knew better, handled his travel but now she’s gone.! He tried to pay for the tennis tickets as emails prove. This is pocket change in this elite world.

    I looked at the chart of his daily activities–perfectly reasonable–and no mention was made of the jet lag factor, or that he worked on unscheduled days. Ex. the Manchester NH mess.
    His mistake in this affair was getting too comfortable–not watching his back. Oh, and he went to ” “socialist” Denmark to see how they handle their veterans’ care. Oh my, a Bernie-like activity! After Norway, Denmark is the happiest country in the world.

    This looks like a created storm in a tea cup to me that could have been handled quietly–hey Dr. David, we goofed up and you have to pay the government back for a few things. Do the other people on the trip also have to refund money? I don’t recall.
    In any case, in this instance, I side with the accused. What a distraction–if his enemies don’t fail to oust him over this foolishness, he’ll probably do a better overall job this year. Something is rotten in the state of ———( not-Denmark).

  4. Jim Orpin says:

    Successful Business Man , one that will run it like a real business

  5. “No, but make him pay back”; was my Vote and appreciate the poll opportunity. Sect. McDonald was a great step in the right direction; having come from a highly successful corporate system. I emailed him twice as he himself “requested” (in 2016) and received NADA back; nonetheless I was saddened to see him go. Never knew Sect Shinseki albeit I respected him immensely and believe he got screwed; i.e.; not of his own fault, perhaps overwhelmed by the immensity of the job?
    V.A.’s Budget of 187 billion in 2017?
    Roughly 162 in 2016? That’s a ton of bureaucracy to deal with on any level.
    Systems, however in digital format will prove to be the answer for transparency as we progress on.

    • Frank says:

      “I emailed him twice as he himself “requested” (in 2016) and received NADA back.”
      Lots of us did, with identical effect.
      McD said to contact him.
      But did he ever say anything about getting back to us?

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