Yeppers, folks. I’ve been busy testing and criminal background investigating and PIV carding. I’ve  finally been given the keys to the VBMS henhouse to view my clients’ claims in real time across our Fruited Plains. Seems there are still a few purple mountains blocking the important access into Citrix RO-5 VBMS. That’s where the gold is but no dice. I’m promised access in the “AM” on Monday morning. I guess it’s like waiting for the cable guy on an 8 AM to 12-ish window. You hope he ain’t funning you.

They promise to call back though. Hey , relax folks. “They” are private IT “vendors” that fix VA’s poor tired computer woes because VA has none (VA Geek Squads). These guys actually answer the phone. Yeah. Get out of here-right?

With this access comes my asknod@va.gov email as well. Most everything in the inbox is public relations crap and how absolutely wonderful the VA is to Vets. I didn’t check the whole list but I think they keep you posted on the various happy hours at the VSOs in your locale and what the best drink specials are each month (i.e. Hawaiian, Jamaican, Mardi Gras themes etc.)

I began back in July 2017 and sent in all the info and a request to Cheeseville for acceptance into the Loyal Order of the PIV. Last summer, one of my padewans learned the art of silently walking on rice paper too and became a VA Agent. She breezed right through the process and is now connected-in fact has been- for quite some time.  She got to dodge the TRIP training, too. She finally chided me in November and asked why I was still lollygagging around. Seems you have to call the Information SSecurity Officer (ISO) at your VSO and tell him you want in. I found out Cheeseville  apparently is not the repository for everything.

I must say it’s akin to building your own Light Sabre and finally feeling the Force within you.  Hoooooooooooooooooooooo doggies. Who in their right minds at VA would let me-us-of all people- into the bowels of their computer? Are they mad? In essence, we now have the ability to perform the fabled “VSO Motion For Reconsideration” if we catch it in the first 72 hours (the Golden Window) before it sets up like concrete. NOVA attorneys call that “Extreme Unction” because only VSOs are allowed by VA to perform the feat. Go figure. The blind leading the deaf…

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  1. Robert says:

    I am an accredited attorney (and NOVA member) who after months of tribulation, got a PIV card, and figured out the maze to get into VBMS. I have been doing this successfully for about a year, but today when I tried to log in, when I got to the Citrix StoreFront, the R05-VBApp Desktop icon was gone, and despite lots of poking around, I can’t get past the storefront. Any idea what’s up?

    • asknod says:

      With VA, it’s hard to say. They finally handed it over to Microsoft around F. Up at the top of the Citrix log in port, you’ll see three access points. It may be hidden. When I finally got access, it was hidden behind door #2 (Desktop). This morning it was on the Favorite section.

  2. Well then, may I “Appoint” as my “New Rep”; my late, devoted Guinea Pig; Nugget, who may have lasted seven years before I planted him in the/my garden box downstairs below my luxury penthouse on the third floor of Heritage Commons; otherwise known as that “Affordable Senior living facility” here in Dixon,CA? I’ve already signed a POA with him (had to forge his paw-print!).
    Seems he would possibly do a better job than my previous attorney and certainly my present VSO!!!
    The One I asked the BVA; in my 90-Day letter to TERMINATE immediately; thus no wait needed for their obfuscated opinion..

  3. Kiedove says:

    I hope you’ll be able to access your own file!!!
    This is going to get even more interesting.

  4. Longfellow Rogoczy says:

    Excuse me A,
    What is the VA form # again for the fabled “VSO Motion For Reconsideration” ?
    I re-read your VBMS–THE MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR entry many times to confirm. I still can’t seem to find it…..LOL

  5. Karen S says:

    Maybe it’s finally my turn.

  6. cdneh says:

    Well done 🙂

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