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Silvia and Frank have forwarded links to some research and news items that are relevant to our concerns at asknod.

From Silvia, this 2009-2007 report is about jet guns (or jet injectors, if you prefer) written from an animal health point of view. Silvia draws our attention to page 6 in particular: 

Transmission of Diseases by Syringe and Needle:
Risks and Solutions by DE LAAT Bart  (LINK)


The newest generation of jet guns are “safe” however medical practices should not embrace them according to WHO.  US medical device manufacturers are politically powerful and will market them anyway.  The citations in this paper are particularly valuable.  

Last month Frank found the following  noteworthy articles:

VA delays adding new Agent Orange illnesses (LINK)

This is very important issue that we need to follow.  Sec. Shulkin’s position on this has been misunderstood, according to Military Times. (LINK).

“Veterans Affairs Secretary Dr. David Shulkin said Monday he’s decided to expand the list of “presumptive” ailments for Agent Orange compensation subject to approval by the Trump administration….

A VA official later said Shulkin’s recommendations on Agent Orange compensation expansion would go to the White House Office of Management and Budget and other agencies for approval and analysis of the costs. Shulkin said he expected approval “in a matter of a few months.”

Shulkin’s remarks on Agent Orange on Monday at the National Press Club were in contrast to the statement put out last week by the VA suggesting that decisions on expanding the list had been delayed yet again.”

Dr. Sulkin’s remarks can be seen on C-SPAN at 53:38.

NOVEMBER 6, 2017

The science is clear. Hopefully Pres. Trump will sign this soon so that bladder cancer, PD-like tremors, and other debilitating diseases can be added to the AO list.

The Secret to Cancer Treatment May Be In Our Guts (LINK)

Topic: How immune systems are influenced by gut bacteria, the microbiome, and how this growing body of knowledge may in turn influence cancer treatments.

Blood pressure of 130 is the new ‘high,’ according to first update of guidelines in 14 years  (LINK).

Alarming.  We have a digital BP monitor.  We’ve slacked off using it lately but need to make the effort given the new information.  If enrolled vets with high blood pressure need a monitor, ask if your PC can order one for you as part of your VA treatment plan.  Using one at home could save your life.

Some U.S. Hospitals Don’t Put Americans First for Liver Transplants (LINK)

Topic:  Controversy about rich ill foreigners getting organs because they can pay more (fewer than 1%). On the other hand, rich American hospital donors and VIPs can probably go up the transplant lists as well.   And Americans also go abroad for transplants.  Is this a “nothing-burger?”  The cost is real.

 “…the average sticker price for a liver transplant at NewYork-Presbyterian was $371,203, but the average payment for patients in Medicare was less than one-third of that, $112,469, according to data from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, which runs Medicare.”

Thank you Silvia and Frank for bringing to our attention information from the crowded  world of news and research.


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3 Responses to Interesting topics

  1. john king says:

    They would rather see a vet die than spend an extra dime in compensation. The VA feels it would set a bad example for other undeserving vets who just want to be taken care of after they took care of their country if they made getting SC too easy.

  2. John Barbaccia says:

    After 12 years of fighting I finally got service connected disability 0% for cancer and 20% for hep C it was a long fight oh well I got a letter from my doctor and sent it in for 0% cancer hopefully they will give me a percentage after they review the New Evidence what a struggle the VA is

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