Well, what an honor. John and Jerrell have invited me to be the last guest of the year on Hadit radio show series. I am honored. Remarkably, I also report tomorrow to the Seattle Regional Office for my official photo shoot, fingerprinting and submission for VBMS access.

I expect it will be some time before I actually get my VBMS spurs. Knowing VA, they probably hire the cheapest Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) outfits in town. Which is passing strange. The Office of General Counsel puts VA Agents/nonattorney practitioners through precisely the same meatgrinder to obtain our accreditation. Seems VA could save a passel of money by simply calling the OGC up and asking for a copy. They do this to attorneys as well as agents (the CBI for the VBMS access) whereas the OGC figures anyone who wants to be an accredited VA attorney is legitimate. Who in their right mind would go out and create $225,000 in Pell Grant debt to become a VA attorney?

It’s also interesting to consider why VA might consider an Agent more likely to be a felon or convicted child molester. Oddly, they also subject VA attorneys to this VBMS CBI treatment. I’m surprised this hasn’t been the subject of a lawsuit by a law dog. What an unmitigated insult.

Anyway, John, Jerrell and I will discuss the ins and outs of all these intriguing end-of-year enigmas, make new prognostications of what VA holds for the future and talk about whatever comes in from inquisitive callers.

Same Bat Day— Thursday

Same Bat Time— 1600 Hrs on the Left Coast and 1900 Hrs on the (L)east Coast. Subtract for the correct time on the fruited plains of Middle America.

Same Batty hosts— John and Jerrell

Same Blawgtawk English announcer

347-237-4819 plus the number 1

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  1. Gee, I thought “being a Felon and/or Child Molester” was a prerequisite for upper management.
    And I thought Pell Grants were not debt but a grant without strings attached!
    Congrats on your invite!

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