…the night before Christmas and not everyone is home with family, including thousands in the active military.  Perhaps the most unique group of Americans away from home this week are the International Space Station (ISS) crew members on Mission 54.  They are from NASA, the Russian Federation, and one man from Japan:

Joe Acaba
Mark Vande Hei
Commander Alexander Misurkin
Anton Shkaplerov
Scott Tingle
Norishige Kanai

As I write this, the ISS just moved quickly over Uzbekistan (LINK).  This inspirational photo below was taken on Dec. 20, 2017.

“Hello From Above–“Hello Little Rock, Memphis, Jackson, New Orleans, Birmingham, Miami, and many places in between! #SpaceIsCloserThanYouThink”

So ran the greeting from @Astro_Sabot, otherwise known as Mark Vande Hei, with this image taken from aboard the International Space Station, orbiting 250 miles above the planet we call home.” Image Credit: NASA/Mark Vande Hei

Seeing the earth from space is a remarkable intellectual and spiritual experience for those who have done so. So far, crew members from eighteen countries have worked on the ISS. I’m glad that NASA has been given the OK by President Trump to plan for manned space exploration once again.  Can these exciting endeavors help humans achieve peace on earth?  We can hope that they will.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Good Health to all.  


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  1. Karen S says:

    Good Will to All

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