Great song to describe 56th SOW who flew out of NKP. Sandys (or Spads), were an integral part of our Search and Rescue (SAR) because their on-station time of four hours exceeded anything we had. For some reason, post WWII, the Air Force forgot the need for slow movers as well as FACs. Vietnam was a rude wake-up call. I do hope you enjoy this as much as I did. The guy singing it could take a few vocal lessons, and I’d be happy to help pay for them, but the lyrics are outstanding. BDA was a bomb damage assessment. Our Forward Air Controllers (FACs) in the O-1s flew over after each pass to analyze the Spad’s bomb or strafing  success and/or search for more targets. 

Sadly, we had to ask the US Ambassador down in Vientiane for permission to drop nape each and every time unless it was a terribly “emergent” situation and one of the Sandys just happened to be close by and have some hanging on a hard point.  Hell, sometimes the nape fell off all by itself while you were toggling the CBU 26-49s. Folks don’t understand. These were very old planes, after all, and the crew chiefs were constantly repairing the electronics to the pickle buttons. Enjoy.


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