Lord almighty. I have seen some screwed up stuff in my day but I cannot for the life of me figure out what they put in the water cooler at the No.Little Rock Veterans Service Center. By now, it’s like Ben Hur-with a cast of thousands. Seriously, I can go online and look at the entire roster of employees whose raters’ job descriptions say Veterans Claims, Examining. By now, every one of them has done either some pre-development or screwed up a rating on Chase’s claim. One would assume the higher the GS rating, the higher the pay and presumably the intelligence quotient. The odds are about 1/9 you’d win that bet.

I suspect the problem is more mundane. If your boss says “Write this up and be sure to ignore the M 21. Deny him and dream up some bullshit to pad it with.”, you do as you are told unless financially secure or morally driven to right obvious wrongs at the expense of losing your job.

So, it follows when I yellow-flagged them back on March 26, 2020 and  forced them to reverse their bogus denial, they had to send it to a new coach and a new VSR to write up the grant. You don’t want the whole office knowing you got your ass chewed by Wilkie et al for trying to be a complete dick and unlawfully denying my client. So they grant on 4/01. But what would possess the new crew to try to screw with me on the effective date? 3/06/2020? Are ya kidding me? Hatred. Vindictiveness. Trying to get mad and even. Do I have dumbshit tattooed on my forehead?

So I bitch. Again, they re-DRO’d and mea culpa’d to Wilkie and said “Dang. Missed it by thaaaaaaaaat much, sir. You’re right. It should have been 7/17/2017”. Where in Sam Hill they fetched that effective date from beats me.

So I bitch again last night and the VSCM (Veterans Service Center Manager) in charge of all the little rocky DRO boys and girls quickly emails back  and says he’s “sorry to hear I don’t agree with his hard-working raters” but he’s gonna send it up to Quality Control this time just to be sure his little people did it correctly. He assured me it would be timely and they’d get it sorted.

Right. I wake up this AM and have coffee with  Cupcake, Pickles and Widget. It’s a sight. The Great Unwashed morning menagerie unshaven with all our warts. Assuredly, Cameras are verboten. The dogs like the heavy creme part. I dip a finger in and let them lick it off. Pickles closes her eyes and inhales your finger. Widget acts like Prince Phillip and is very circumspect in his licking. We fit right in with standard social isolation protocols until about 9 and then we have to go out.  After this morning’s poop run with the dog children, I went in to VBMS. Bingo.

4-10-2020 redact

Forty minutes earlier, Ft. Pea Gravel had announced their fourth decision in fifteen days. The CUE count is now up to 18-eighteen CUEs. Think about that. Seems I recall Mr. Adrian Fugo’s Court said a CUE was a very rare kind of error- almost unheard of, mind you. Like unicorns and pots of gold at the ends of Rainbows. I’d suggest nobody go visit there for a while because lightning and bad moons arising are brewing in that zip code, honey. Anything is possible if you can get 18 unforced errors four times in two weeks and get them to make a complete 180 degree turn. Either that or maybe I should get into Wall Street prognostications for profit. Here’s the 3/26, 4/01 and 4/08 change orders.

3-26-2020 denial redact

4-01-2020 CueRedact

redact 4-8-2020 Narrative

If you folks get a chance, go on John and Jerrell’s Exposed Vet website and listen to our radio show from last night. I discussed this subject at length. These 6 new CUEs on top of the 12 before them last week granting the correct effective date this morning still leave us short of P&T which Chase deserves. He was somehow still going like the Energizer Bunny in Hospice when I checked last evening. I haven’t been able to keep in contact this AM due to Kate’s old flip phone battery being shot. She has to keep it plugged in.

Speaking of this morning’s poop run, here’s a short clip on proper isolation distancing techniques with the neighbor’s dog Jaxson. I shot this one in the driveway. Enjoy. Be safe. B. Good.



P.S.  A sad one at that. Chase passed away this evening about 1900 CST, April 10th, Good Friday, 2020. Another Marine gets his OO-Rah at the Front Gate. Sadly, it didn’t have to be this way. You both are in our prayers tonight and for a long time into the future, Kate. Thank God we made it inside the wire before he passed. That’s all that counts. Win or Die. And that’s all I’m going to say about that.


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  1. Emmit Collier says:

    You did a great job, right on time. Now he’ll rest in peace!!

  2. Calvin Winchell says:

    I am sensing a mix of vindictive behavior and flat ignorance! Seems they will go to any length to have the final word! Seems you did your job in time like always! and, now Kate can buy a new cell phone. Pickles seems disinterested in social distancing and more obsessed with the ball and pleasing you! absolutely in a better place on Good Friday!

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