We’ve come a long way, baby. I began teaching this exact procedure to win in 2007: 

If your only risk was drinking beer and smoking pot, everyone would have it…

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  1. jim Zimmer says:

    Im sick of people thinking I stick needles in my arms. So I deserve this life. They new what they did. Yet they try and make it look like we are drug addicts. So no matter what I say. No one believes me. I dont have much patients left. Im not up to a liver transplant. Im not into all the HE bullshit. I had a hip replaced in 2013 I dont think I needed. A year ago both my shoulder were fucked. After 12 weeks of treatment my joints stop hurting. I guess thats a good think. I guess Im pissed cause no one told me what was up. Alot of folks treated me pretty bad. Im not gonna take much more bullshit. I be dead if It were not for a doctor in Iowa city. I seen him once. 3 weeks later I started the treatment. I hate to whine cause there are folks worse of.

  2. Kiedove says:

    Judge Kramer’s ruling is rational, concise and clear. He’s must be sick of the RO’s wasting his time and adding to the backlog.

  3. john king says:

    Everybody wants to honor vets until they ask for compensation. Then we become freeloaders and lazy bastards. Good Grief, don’t waste a penny on an undeserving vet at all costs.

    • Ron says:

      An interesting anecdote here. The Memphis TN VAMC, listed among the 5 worst VA hospitals in the us and earning the grand award of “GET READY” Six ruffles and flourishes (spelling), got the great fickle finger of fate award of being number one. Remember the “you numma one GI?” SO the Memphis Tn VAMC is “numma one.” Also to add insult to injury a friend of mine knowing some of the nurses that work there state that “All veterans are just sponging off the government.” I wonder if that nurse has any relatives drawing welfare and food stamps to go to the beauty shop and get her nails done and her hair styled.
      With nurses as this one no wonder the politicians in DC pander to them.

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  5. woodguy11 says:

    Yup….what gets me is most, not all hep-c cases were from the air gun and yet they deny most claims. They know we all got infected from this. Yet they still deny. Our government at it’s best.

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