VA Covid-19 vaccine distribution list

From 12/10/20 VA Press Release

Who–Health care workers and long-term care patients will be the first to get vaccinated. 🛌 🚑

Where–37 medical centers were “...chosen for their ability to vaccinate large numbers of people and store the vaccines at extremely cold temperatures.” 🌬️

However, Community Care MAY be available later, “…When more vaccines are available, we’ll determine if we can provide vaccines through our community provider network.” (Link) 🤷

When–soon? very soon? 😊

Birmingham (AL) VA Health Care System

Phoenix (AZ) VA Health Care System

Greater Los Angeles (CA) VA Health Care System

Palo Alto (CA) VA Health Care System

Eastern Colorado (CO) VA Health Care System

Connecticut (West Haven Campus) VA Health Care System

Washington DC VA Health Care System

Orlando (FL) VA Health Care System

Augusta (GA) VA Health Care System

Edward J. Hines Jr. VA Hospital (IL)

Lexington (KY) VA Health Care System

Southeast Louisiana (New Orleans) VA Health Care System

Maryland (Baltimore) VA Health Care System

Bedford (MA) VA Health Care System

Ann Arbor (MI) VA Health Care System

Minneapolis (MN) VA Health Care System

Harry S Truman Memorial Veterans Hospital (Columbia MO)

St. Louis (MO) VA Health Care System

Omaha (NE) VA Health Care System

Southern Nevada (North Las Vegas) VA Health Care System

Raymond G. Murphy (NM) VA Health Care System

New York Harbor (Brooklyn) VA Health Care System

Western New York (Buffalo) VA Health Care System

Durham (NC) VA Health Care System

Cleveland (OH) VA Health Care System

Oklahoma City (OK) VA Health Care System

Portland (OR) VA Health Care System

Corporal Michael J. Crescenz VA Medical Center (Philadelphia PA)

Pittsburgh (PA) VA Health Care System

Caribbean (Puerto Rico) VA Health Care System

Memphis (TN) VA Health Care System

Dallas (TX) VA Medical Center

Michael E. DeBakey VA Health Care System (Houston TX)

Audie L. Murphy VA Hospital (San Antonio TX)

Richmond (VA) VA Health Care System

Puget Sound (WA) VA Health Care System

Milwaukee (WI) VA Health Care System

🎉 💻 🖱️📞 📱Please share this list with anyone who might benefit from this information.

If you are planning to get in line pronto, let us know how it went. Planning to delay or skip it, why? (Because I have been severely allergic from early childhood, I will skip the 2-dose vaccines in favor of 1-dose. And made in America only. No multi-dose vials either.)


Remember VA: “Safe injection practices are part of Standard Precautions. A good rule to remember is One Needle, One Syringe, Only One Time.”

Laura (Guest Author)

About Laura

NW Vermont.
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11 Responses to VA Covid-19 vaccine distribution list

  1. Holly says:

    Thank you…NO.

  2. JOEL says:

    I feel sorry for anyone on active duty. You belonging to the Government have no choice in the matter. They’ll be the Country’s human Guinea pigs.

    • Kiedove says:

      The volunteer clinical trials have been large–40K +
      But yeah, they will have to be vaccinated & adverse effects noted.

      • Ron says:

        Does anyone remember Anthrax vaccine in 1990? How about Swine Flu Vax, or mandatory annual flu shots, or mandatory typhoid, typhus, cholera, plague, small pox vax, etc, etc, ad nauseum ad infinitum. It all came to you courtesy of the guys and girls of the United States armed forces after the experimentation on all of us unsuspecting FEP (fing enlisted pukes in the words of an academy zero) souls being experimented on.
        Then when one gets a reaction and goes to the local “Wisdumb” of medicine in the form of a medical corps zero, he or she says “Oh the xyz vaccine didn’t cause that.” Then when looking up the list in the package inserts that shows just the opposite the then “Wisdumb” of medicine will comment “Well I’ll be damned. It does say that” dismisivly. But you can bet that the average General zero didn’t get that experimental vaccine. Or for that matter a medical corp zero either. Why do I say this? I was a Navy Corpsman for 26 years.

  3. Speck says:

    The vaccines require TWO doses to work. RESEARCH. Our son is getting his first one next week. He works the packed COVID floor in a Miami hospital.

  4. Calvin Winchell says:

    Who the hell made this list? North Las Vegas VA ? And what does the greater Los Angeles VA mean exactly? Long Beach? Loma Linda VA, or how about San Diego VA? The great one is the Caribbean Puerto Rico VA?? I too will be not rushing to receive the Vaccine as that’s what made me sick to begin with back in 1972… sorry, don’t trust the government as all that’s missing is a jet gun to dispense… goin to sit back this time!

  5. Howard Ernest Jennings says:

    Where does the line start?

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