I apologize for such short notice. Blame it on a balky CITRIX VBMS connection. Trust ol’ VA to buy the Cheapo Depot™ computer program to underpin a huge national VBMS computer linking VACO to its 56 minions scattered across the fruited plain (not including the Appeal Resolution Center (ARC) formerly the Appeals Management Center (AMC)). But wait. Wouldn’t Cheeseville Evidence Intake Center surely be the 58th? Getting that fancy computer to mate to PIES, CAPRI, Virtual VA, VistA and a hoard of other computers like MAP 5 and VACOLS and you have the makings of a pretty cool fustercluck. Trust me. VBMS is like the old dial-up speed. Paint dries faster.         

Here’s a great intro brief to what we’re talking about (ILP).


The call in number for the 1600 PST (L) Show tonight is

347-237-4819 (push #1 to talk)

We’re gonna talk about ILP and VA and maybe IPAs. Who knows? Call in and ask about shit.

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