The good news is a radio show is scheduled for next Thursday, the 26th of April at the same Bat time (1600 Hrs Local or 1900 on the (L)east Coast) and the same Bat channel . We’ll be discussing all the interesting facets of VBMS including reading notes by all those busy little  appeals team elves and elvettes. More good news is I finally convinced the Seattle Fort Fumble that our LZ Cork survivor Butch Long is ready for rating. If you want to get a leg up on this interesting story, you can tune in at the CAVC ECF case search on # 18-1009. 

Now for some bad news. Member Loyal of both boards informed me yesterday of the impending demise of the Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH) as an independent Veterans Service Organization (VSO). The article link is here and mentions 52 Veterans Centers nationwide they operate. I’m not sure if that includes their presence in VAROs or just in outreach centers. I always hate to see one of these organizations bite the bullet. We need good stamp lickers and mailmen to ensure a timely denial to appeal from. Eventually, there will be more agents and attorneys with real legal talent involved in the game but any VSO loss is still a setback to access.–Purple-Heart-veterans-service-center-to-close-its-doors-480422933.html

Shadow 2003-2018

We lost Cupcake’s Shadow to old age yesterday. He was nigh on to 15 and had a good 12 years here at LZ Grambo. We’ll plunk him down in the pet cemetery with the rest of our faithful fourlegged youngsters. We’ll observe mourning for a year. I aim to redog next spring-maybe one of those new silver labs with blue eyes. Give her one of those suggestive names like Brandywine’s Chanel No. 5. In real life she’ll be my Daisy. And we’ll be doing doggie hospice all over again in 2032. Widget is 7 or 8 so we don’t expect to have another hospice coming up until 2025 if all goes well.



This is a classic reason for my buying my parrot Buddy in 1979. He was born a month after Tet 68. I got him when he was an eleven year-old snot nosed punk with a pink topknot. He’s getting pretty yellowed out now too at 50. Truth is I thought they lasted for 80-130 years. I was going to get revenge on my daughter or son. Turns out he’s an antique already. Parrot hospice is going to be tough.

To call in and talk to John, Jerrel or myself:

347-237-4819 plus the number 1



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2 Responses to THE WEEKEND NEWS

  1. Southern New Hampshire University says:

    I’d really like to call in and talk to Buddy. bet he could teach me -a-thing-o-two about living long.

  2. Karen S says:

    Tears for the loss of Shadow. Our furry children help us live. ❤️

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