Former PFC Bradley Edward Manning, now Pvt. Chelsea Elizabeth Manning due to significant ‘gender dysphoria’, has announced her run for a US Senate Seat from Maryland. The former Oklahoma native has recently established legal residence in North Bethesda and it is presumed she seeks the seat of one of their two incumbant  Democratic Senators. She has not announced which party she seeks to represent at this time.

It is unclear as to how her previous court martial will affect her standing. Currently, she is on unpaid leave from the U.S. Army following her pardon by the President and subsequent release after her 7 year ‘staycation’ at the graybar hotel in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. A  future dishonorable discharge, would, on its face, seem to disqualify anyone from holding federal office. Until the legal ramifications are clarified, she intends to press forward with her desire to once more “be all she can be” and proudly serve America again. I applaud her choice.

I believe in letting bygones be bygones and heartily encourage her to seek office from the great state of Maryland. As a former Veteran, regardless of her unclear, muddled  military status now, she deserves the support of all Veterans in Maryland and towards that end, I urge my fellow Veterans there to help her in her bold quest for the candidacy. A noted progressive once pointed out that even a basket of deplorable zebras can change their stripes. I second that emotion and throw my unwavering support behind this courageous man cum woman. Her indomitable spirit and perseverance is a credit to Veterans everywhere.

I expect narrowminded, misguided zealots with a decided sexist bent will weigh in and disparage her aspirations but everyone has to begin rebuilding a shattered career from the ground up. File this one under Judge not lest ye be judged or We live in interesting times.

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  1. Cappy says:

    I live in Maryland. What an embarassment. Espionage and computer crimes, provided 750,000 emails to Wiki-Leaks. Endangered lives. I’m not willing to forgive and let bygones be bygones.
    Bradley Manning is lucky he wasn’t executed.

    Hell, no, I won’t vote for Celsea Manning. I’d vote for Bowe Bergdahl long before I’d vote for Manning. His five years at the the hands of ISIS makes seven years in Leavenworth look like a Sunday afternoon walk in the park.

    So, if he declared to run for office where you live, would you support Edward Snowden?

    • Kiedove says:

      I wish someone would leak the “secret HCV in veteran population” files. The lid has been sealed for far to long and as has been commented on, when the boomer vets are dead, then they’ll be released.

  2. clear left says:

    I’d be curious to know if the ‘leaking sensitive documents’ syndrome has abated? If he did it once, and if elected would again have access, will he do it again?
    Not sure who said, ‘just this once’…maybe have been Harvey Weinstein not sure

  3. Longfellow Rogoczy says:

    I hear Chelsea Manning’s Buffalo Bill’s Chicken recipe is amazing.

  4. david j murphy says:

    Traitor, gave up sensitive information. That being said until her/his status is determined she/he is free do what he/she feels is right and if a BCD is not handed out Maryland may get a new senator

  5. Karen S says:

    Manning is Transgender. Only a physician can diagnose her with her Gender Dysphoria.

  6. Much to the probable chagrin of many if not most vets of MY generation; 1966-1970; I agree whole-heartedly with you Amigo! Beyond the possible problem with federal conflict regarding her “dishonorable discharge” ( to come?) I would vote for her in a micro-moment; notwithstanding I’d be obliged to double-check my own prejudice at the door, but at least I’ve acknowledged mine.

    • Cappy says:

      Has to be prejudice to not want to vote for a person who committed espionage, among other things? Nope. Don’t care about the Transgender thing. Care about the endangering military lives and sharing operational information with spy agencies and foreign military around the world.
      I happen to like Senator Ben Cardin.

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