Willie and Alex in the Man Cave being politically incorrect.

Great Police song. I was humming it when I went in to the Seattle Regional Office last Thursday to report for fingerprinting and my Criminal Background Investigation (CBI) check. I told the gal doing the fingerprinting that the OGC had a pretty intense CBI already in their files that they ran on me for my Agent accreditation. Seemed they could just reuse the old one as it’s barely a year old.  Nope. VBA doesn’t trust OGC. They want their own CBI.  Do any of you in the Industry realize just how assbackwards this is? VA is aspiring to make sure VA Agents and attorneys are above board when their very own employees are busy shredding evidence, denying en masse via the Fully Developed Claims program and a host of other sins like addicted pharmacists and VISN directors getting busted for DWIs. 

Life can’t get any more humorous than this. That’s why it’s difficult to keep a straight face visiting at the RO when all the employees are grinning from ear to ear as they arrange your Texas-style Necktie Party. Only at the VA can you have a dismal approval rating of 15% of all claims submitted and point to it as evidence the system “works”. Where else but in a Government-run agency can you spend $1,000,000 over twenty years denying a claim for tinnitus- only to eventually cave in and grant it at 0%- and then point to that as validation that you are a bulwark against the injustices perpetrated upon Veterans? Idiot’s delight.


Devious Maids

In a different vein, Happy New Year. My Cupcake has me watching what can only be described as a chick flick- only a series- on  Roku© Hulu called Devious Maids. It’s about Beverley Hills Hispanic Maids and their escapades with their employers. Cupcake enjoys these shows, and to humor her, I started watching.

My observations:

The shows positively drip estrogen. I could feel my breasts grow a complete cup size after one episode. I began to crave chocolate. The next day I became depressed and got the vapors-not once but three times-accompanied by deep sighs. That third time I had to call my best friend to help me get through it. It was brutal.

Someone is getting whacked, stabbed, dismembered or rendered room temperature in every show and it becomes addicting beyond words. For an extra $5, you can download the whole package commercial-free. It’s well-worth it because you can cram not one but two episodes in every night before retiring.

As for all you VA law dogs and agents with LLCs- my tax accountant/son says convert  to an S corp. to avoid a tremendous tax liability. LLCs are going to get whacked to the tune of 69% but the new corporate rates of 21% will be easier on the pocketbook come April 15th.


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  1. SPrice says:

    Interestingly, I was asked to do fingerprints when I renewed my nursing license last month, even though I’d had them done before. I better ask Tricia to see if anybody asked her to do the same.

    • asknod says:

      Cupcake has to do them every three years for her Real Estate Broker’s license. Sometimes renting a house can require a good background check. It’s become far more widespread-but doing it twice by the same government agency?

  2. Kiedove says:

    “… approval rating of 15% of all claims submitted and point to it as evidence the system “works”.
    But the VA sure does market benefits on the website, blog, etc…giving the very false impression that this is process is a pie of cake for vets with the help of VSOs.

    • Kiedove, you may have pinched the nerve correctly; “they” appear to be heavily invested with Taxpayers $$ of course in a “disinformation campaign”, alluding to their generous and copious benefits just waiting for the poor, under-served vet who will soon be fat and happy with all the many bene’s just awaiting his/her simple claim form. Couldn’t help but notice the/their words on the last letter I received in November regarding/on my “Appeal” from (Thank God) the final separation of moi and the “hampster wheel” known as the great void between BVA Remand and Regional cluster-fuck; “We have taken great care and generously and scrupulously reviewed” (Choose One); 1. their own asses for the Crabs?. or 2. Their own rules and reg’s which change daily according to recipient?

  3. david j murphy says:

    Nice buck

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