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Not all docs/groups are listed in the Vital Signs search tool. At least 20 procedures are needed to be rated.  For surgeons, some may do hundreds of a repair with low complications and others perform fewer repairs with 0 complications.

Treatment Tracker (Link)

Dollars for Docs (links)

Prescriber Checker (Link)

Surgeon Scorecard (Link) 

Article about surgeon complications.

The data we’re making public today has long been in the hands of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the agency that oversees the Medicare program and pays for two in five U.S. hospital stays. CMS and most of the nation’s hospitals have taken the view that it’s better not to calculate or act on this sort of information, in part because it is so controversial. Though no one says it aloud, the attitude has been that the risk of unfairly tarring any doctor trumps all other considerations.

Our reporting suggests that this reluctance to focus on individuals is one reason that patient harm has persisted in the face of considerable effort by the medical establishment. The landmark 1999 study by the Institute of Medicine, “To Err is Human,’’ called on Congress to create a nationwide mandatory reporting system for patient deaths and serious harm so researchers could detect patterns. That has never happened. Surgeon Scorecard is a crucial step in the larger process of spurring accountability for breakdowns in patient care.

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