Virologist explains: jet-injectors and needles spread HCV


Note: This image is NOT in this TEDMED video. A vaccination via jet injector image from Africa IS.

I posted this TEDMED talk by Nathan Wolfe on ASKNOD in 2013. Dr. Wolfe provides an overview of how epidemiologists look at historical events and conditions to understand pandemics and epidemics.  His slides and talk were not aligned and he had to begin his remarks again.  Be patient or just skip to the section we are most interested in beginning around 6:40 – 8:00.

One does not need to be scientifically literate to appreciate this field’s work or see how it underpins public health efforts.  However, some basic awareness of scientific inquiry is needed to make sense of epidemiological research papers.

So here is a repeat viewing if you missed it the first time .  It helps me to know that we aren’t just going around in circles and that there are people who can help us add to our knowledge base by being open and honest.

Because Dr. Wolfe is an undisputed authority on viruses, I see no reason why this video could not be used as evidence in claims along with a printout of his Wikipedia article (LINK). Video recording software can copy this information.  I believe that this use would be allowed under educational “fair use” copyright laws but I have no legal training so please check with an expert first. (Perhaps NVLSP?)

Among the many institutions Dr. Wolfe has partnered with are the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Department of Defense, HIV/AIDS Prevention Program; US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases;  Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center; and the World Health Organization.

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