We need to talk about multi-dose vials

Then and now

There seems to have been no consideration for infection control with regard to the use of multi-dose vials in the military in previous decades. Hence the massive outbreak of blood-borne pathogen infections we see in our veteran populations today and in those veteran-victims who are now deceased.  As these CDC posters indicate, their misuse was and still remains a VERY high risk factor for the transmission and acquisition of hepatitis and HIV. Injections given by jet injector (also referred to as jet guns) and syringes of previous times employed multi-dose vials. 

jet gun image

Note that on the fourth slide, 37% of all new hepatitis infections in older adults are linked (“may be”) to unsafe injections therefore the timid CDC has finally begun to address the crisis and stress prevention to providers and patients.  Why now? My guess is that the cost of the new miracle drugs is the impetus.  I’ll post other CDC multi-dose vial warning guidance materials soon.

These images can be used as evidence in your HCV claims.




screenshot-2016-10-19-at-2-19-47-pm screenshot-2016-10-19-at-2-43-41-pm


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3 Responses to We need to talk about multi-dose vials

  1. SPrice says:

    Let’s not forget, the CDC also used multi dose vials…and their jet guns were also missing the filter.

    • Kiedove says:

      Can you tell us about the filters? What has changed over time?

      • SPrice says:

        When I took my jet gun to work to show it to my coworkers, they were shocked at how something so filthy was used to immunize people. Most of them didn’t even want to touch i! One of the doctors said, “Please tell me we don’t use this device in this hospital” When I said no, it was used years ago to immunize Veterans, he said, “Good, because I would have had to do something about it.”

        To us in the medical profession it’s a filthy instrument and there was no way to make it sterile. It was contaminated in many ways. It was kept with the dirty pedal, had no filter, wasn’t properly sterilized. You used unsterile wires to open the nozzle hole, unsterile spare parts.
        Let me put it this way, even if they’d used the filter it would be no better since you were supposed to stick a piece of UNSTERILE cotton in it to make it a filter….which contaminates the filter.

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