This was almost a foregone conclusion. No one was going to commit political hari kiri and fall on their sword. It shows they have the stomach to do the right thing. Never before have we used troops like paper towels to wipe up the waste of the world and then thrown them away. Wait. What about that little boundary dispute on the Indochinese peninsula about 50 years ago?  I guess that one didn’t count because America wasn’t”behind it”.

I hope these Vets coming out of Southwest Asia don’t start getting the lip service and the “We simply don’t have the assets to provide for them” in about 20 years when most start coming down with even more problems. We’ve never sent troops into harm’s way three, four and even five times back to back -ever. The fallout from this one is going to be felt for several score years. Look at all of us from the 60’s for affirmation of this theory.

Our finances are in disarray. Our credit is dubious. The one thing we can ill afford is to diss the guys who protect us. Passing this bill was a duh. Watch and see all the teeth-gnashing that ensues when it get up to the Senate. This might cut into funding for the Bridges to Nowhere and Welfare entitlements. We probably won’t recognize it when it is finally signed by the Big O. Look for medical packages with RFID thermometers in them near the front doors of VAMCs. Triage will be self-administered soon.

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