Member Chase got his new liver yesterday evening. We won’t go into all the reasons why this was unnecessary. The operation took 8 hours and CDNEH tells me he’s doing well and the new machine has already turned over and is idling nicely. She asks me to thank all of you who said prayers for him. Now for service connection for this horrible medical misadventure( Vertex, IFN + Ribavirin).

I have to interject that I’d be looking at this doctor and saying “You’re kidding me, right? This is the sperm that won?” Most kids say when they grow up they want to be a fireman or an astronaut. Did this guy decide he wanted to be a vA doctor and kill people? Seems a lot of us have some bad experiences when we depend on their judgement. 

P.S. Flowers–The next best thing to being there. These are an incredible blue-perfect for hospitals to contrast with that ungodly green they paint everything. Bleh.

My daughter brought this for Mother’s day. If Lexus ever painted a car this color of pink, every Mary Kay regional supervisor would opt for one.

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3 Responses to GOOD NEWS

  1. Robert G says:

    I hope all stays well with new liver. I agree the word “unnecessary” and “missadventure” does take away some of the feel good news this brings. I will never submit to a new liver or any more “treatments” for my HCV. I have made my peace with my Creator many years ago. The Man above is my doctor and physican. A praying wife is a blessing more valuable than rubies. All veterans here are always in my prayers. My prayer today is will we be here when the vA admits their treatment of HCV claims was wrong. AO vets know how many years they were wrong to finally get SC and acknowledgement. Vindication and restitution will heal many of us. Pray hard brothers and sisters…..

  2. Paul&Leigh says:

    hi. paul went out of town, so i snuck in here to his email so i could say “hi” and thank you for all you have done and still do to this day. please tell chase we are praying still for him and should he have any questions please email us as i have “been there and done that”. Had the transplant 10/12 and had to go back in hospital 12/12 as my HCV came back with a roar and made me sick as a dog. It was only a 2 day restay at the hospital, but felt better being there so they could take care of it. I have alot of thank you cards to catch up on, but you were first on my list.I will sneak back in here on occasion!! Best regards for you and all your family and God Bless all our fellow vets. As soon as I am better, please let me know how I can help. Your friend in Maryland, Leigh

    • asknod says:

      Thank you Leigh. Having spent a year in the hospital and 4 surgeries , I can safely say I have been there, too. An ileostomy/colostomy bag-even for a year-is cruel and unusual punishment. What a liver transplant means is even more- a sedate, mundane life trying to stay healthy. Both of you give much meaning to the term “troopers”. I salute you two for your desire to fight for life. I thank the Man above that we three are all blessed with spouses who love and care for us in these trying circumstances.

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