Here’s a great article  from HCV Advocate written by a VHA researcher. It touches on important facts that can be used in a general context to bolster your claim if you are an in-country Vet. Regardless, it’s good info and deserves to be in your arsenal. See the bottom of the article for more books, papers and peer reviews.

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  1. SquidlyOne says:

    Anything that the VA advocates (or pays for research) has to have the vA HCV moronic bunk in it somewhere or the researchers won’t get the job or the grant. It is called buying science. The vA seems to be warming up to HCV Advocates lately for some reason. The vA now has links all over it’s Hepatitis web going to HCV Advocates. However just as in the vA fast letter of 2004, there seems to be some things that we can latch onto here. What peeks my interest as a post-Vietnam Vet:

    “Some VA Medical Centers had 10-20% of patients with hepatitis C antibodies.”

    “The highest rate of hepatitis C is found in the Vietnam era veterans. Several studies have been initiated to better understand the high frequency of hepatitis C in veterans of the Vietnam conflict. Areas of research include the demographic characteristics, risk factors for infection and the potential role of military service in the acquisition of hepatitis C1. Underlying this research is the question of what is unique about Vietnam or Vietnam-era veterans to help explain a high prevalence of hepatitis C which was not observed in World War II or Korean era veterans.”

    “68.5% of the patients were Vietnam-era veterans, 20.3% were Post-Vietnam/Gulf War era veterans.”

    In addition to the usually accepted risk factors for hepatitis C, several potential categories include:
    (a) blood/body fluid exposure to health care personnel
    (b) blood/body exposure to combat personnel
    (c) contamination of vaccinations/immune globulin
    (d) blood exposure through the multidose vaccination process
    (e) blood exposure through sharing of razors, non-sterile instruments or utensils

    “Gamma-globulin injection has been used for decades by the U.S. military to prevent hepatitis A in troops going overseas and was used during the Vietnam and Gulf Wars. Gamma globulin contains antibodies obtained from blood donors.”

    IMHO spike the relevant info that we use and sack the other stuff which is BS…

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