VAOIG– Semiannual Report to Congress

vA’s Inspector General, George  J. Opfer ( you know-the guy with the adorable comb over) just released the latest Veterans crime report/Dog and Pony exercise to Congress in a vain attempt to distance themselves from the backlog storm. They found numerous remedial actions that could solve all the problems and gave themselves several attaboys in the process. The artwork is superb as always and accolades are in order along with some bonuses in the next few paychecks. A small sampling of their sleuthing:

During this reporting period, OIG audits, investigations, inspections, evaluations, and other reviews identified over $1.5 billion in monetary benefits for a return of $32 for every dollar invested in OIG oversight. OIG issued 140 reports on VA programs and operations and OIG investigations led to 268 arrests and 292 administrative sanctions and corrective actions.

We are eternally grateful to this fine bunch of concerned personnel who tirelessly work to unearth miscreants like Keith Roberts and others of his ilk who lie and cheat and steal from our beloved vA. Dick Tracy has nothing on these guys.

This picture doesn’t do his comb over justice. You simply have to meet him in person. He makes Donald Trump positively jealous. I was going to put this under Frivolous Filings but Congress will probably swallow it hook, line and sinker.

Oh and I almost forgot. Here, too,  the VAOIG is the proud author of this Audit of the VAROs’ Appeals Management Processes. This is priceless. I think they’ve discovered there’s a backlog issue amounting to  several hundred cases-maybe.

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