Much has been written of the legendary boys who do our claims. Many words- complimentary and otherwise- have been employed to voice our feelings. I received this from Member Duane:


1970– The veteran has been service connected for Hepatitis at 40% from September 1966. Using the M-21 manual, calculate his retroactive pay due, type up the letter and get the pay request into accounting. Question: How much is he owed? You have ten minutes to answer.

1980– The dude won. Have Emilio, the new guy figure it out from the M-21 but you may have to teach him how to do it. Pay goes back to  September of 66 for ahhhh, 20%, maybe 40- I think ?–and check his math. Question: Will Emilio get it right and if so, how much do you think it will be, based on 20%, and the bonus question -$500.00 for a correct answer- what the back pay will be, based on 40%  added a year later to fix the % error?  You have one hour to complete the test.

1990- The claimant somehow prevailed. Write it up and figure out 40% from 9/1968 using the M-21-A1 .  Then put it in the out basket for transmittal down to accounting and the steno pool. Question: What did you come up with based on 40 @ 9/1968? Will the Head Rater look at it for accuracy? Should you double check dates and info? 

2000- Claims error- claimant appears to qualify. Check figures based on retro to 9/66 @ 40% and send to Director of Comp./Pen. in D.C.  for Extraordinary Awards Program (over ($25,000). CYA–get two signatures. Question: Turn on VACOLS computer and let it warm up. Access M-21 program and enter retro to 9/1996 @40% and print answer here. $____ . Don’t forget to press enter. vA will give you all day to do this competency examination. Please do not rush through it. You have plenty of time. You will be allowed to visit the restroom and get help from fellow raters if confused. Lunch is part of the testing protocol and vA will buy.

2012– Claimant refused to die and  claim has been completed, denied, appealed, remanded twice denied on appeal and remanded from the Court twice and the decision is now complete. Figure out SC based on a staged rating from 9/1966 to 1990 @ 0%; 1990 to 2000 @ 10%; 2000 to 2010 @ 20%  and 2010 to 2012 @ 40%. Include SOC and Form 9. Question: Demonstrate your ability to access the M-21 computer.  Next, enter here what you feel would have been appropriate remuneration for this shirker if you disagree with vA’s munificence $____ @ __%. All answers are correct. If you perceive yourself as being put upon or feel like crying, dial 9 on the interoffice phone for the Kumbaya group therapy Counselor. You will be given five working days for this test. Please set aside all claims work you may be engaged in as this is the priority.  If you do not feel up to it, you will be permitted to telecommute. If you choose the latter option, you can contact the Kumbaya Kounselor via the 800-827-1000 number, follow the prompts and enter your PIN.

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  1. Randy Nesbitt says:

    Pretty close to the actual day to day is where I am at, at this point.

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