The Color of Kabul—Veteran artists impress

Happy Veterans Day!

The VA runs social programs designed to build morale and skills by doing enjoyable things.  One just finished in Kalamazoo, Michigan (Oct. 28 -Nov.3).  It was called the National Veterans Creative Arts Competition and Festival. (LINK) The sponsors were the Am. Legion Auxiliary and Battle Creek VHA.

I’ve choosen four 1st Place Winners to share in honor of Veterans Day and in appreciation to all who shared their gifts with others.

The Color of Kabul

The Color of Kabul Military, Combat Experience, by Dennis Linn 2019 NVCA Competition   Click for larger image.

Lady in Bed

Lady in Bed, Oil Painting,  Jerry Zabel 2019 NVCA Competition   Click for larger image.


A Sacred Resting Place, Carving , John Lopez 2019 NVCA Competition  Click for larger image.

Sky Blue on Seven Mile Creek Pastels Richard Babcock 2019 NVCA Competition   Click for larger image.

National Veterans Sports Programs & Special Events

VA’s Flickr shows many different examples of the fine arts and folk arts that were in the exhibitions.  Enjoy:

The above works are “museum” quality; congrats to all the creators uploaded on Flickr.  Beautiful work.

Guest author:  Laura (Kiedove)


About Laura

NW Vermont.
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