My HealtheVet is down for everyone tonight

frustrated-computer-user-2000As suggested by an Asknod member, I contacted the VA to report my access problems by phone, then by webform because no one answered the phone. I received an email  the next day telling me to try a fix (didn’t work), and assuring me that the security certificate was good.  I emailed them with attachments of the screenshots in my previous post and an October 10 post made by a vet on a different site:

Chrome no longer works for this VA site. Latest version and Windows 8.1. So, I have had to pull up Internet Explorer. On my android smartphone, many of the VA pages come with the Out of Date Certificate warning. Frustratingly difficult to get past them to order meds or send secure messages. VA should have a an android optimized choice by now.

I am also using Win. 8.1 and Chrome.  However, I also clicked the lock icon in Internet Explorer, and saw that security certificate was only good until Oct. 8th.  So it’s been about two weeks for the IT department to respond to this issue.  Hopefully it will be functioning correctly soon.

va offline


The most popular browser by far is Chrome.  But the VA has to support all of these browsers (and Kindle’s Silk) and all of the operating systems in use every time they upgrade their system.

2014 Chrome Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Opera
September 59.6 % 9.9 % 24.0 % 3.6 % 1.6 %

Sunday Update:  The MyHealthevet site is working now even though there is still an encryption warning according to Chrome but certificate okay now. All the tabs are working.  According to the service alert box on the home page, the site is offline on the third Saturday for 3 hours (10 pm to 1 am (ET) so last night’s offline episode was not regularly scheduled maintenance.  Until the address bar shows green, the side not totally secure however so I wouldn’t check it with a public wi-fi connection.

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1 Response to My HealtheVet is down for everyone tonight

  1. hepper74 says:

    Thank you for the information because I was told to keep my frustration level to a minimum. I figured, “what the hell are they thinking? I do have to deal with the VA.” No frustration there by golly.

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