2If you haven’t heard yet, the VA has once again stepped on their collective necktie. When not busy leaving expensive laptops in plain view in vehicles in high-crime areas, they now have been busted for all but printing out our SSNs on our VA ID cards. Yeppers, folks. Spread the word. 

download (1)While I’m not very prone to drag out my VA ID and proudly wave it around, if I lose my wallet, there’s a high probability that a motivated criminal with a bar code reader app in his cel phone can pull it out without much fuss. That, along with your DOB and a few other metrics like an address off your driver’s license is just about all that is needed to buy a new car on your brand new credit card you didn’t know you had yet.

images (1)Be aware. It’s a new world out there and some of the people inhabiting it are not your friends. The good old days of stamping it on your dog tags is gone. The new VA card will be out next year so protect the one you have. What the hey. Take a pair of shears and cut the bar code off. If  the VA weenies down at the VAMC blow an ass gasket, give them your opinion of their intelligence. Go ahead. Be brutally honest but do it with a smile. They’re already batting .1000 on stupidity as it is. This just confirms it.

By the way, google VA ID cards on the ‘image’ setting and you can view any of the above cards. I do hope they are merely facsimiles of real ones. And if you know any of these guys, tell them their images are published there (at Google).

download (2)

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  1. WGM says:

    There is a vA id card there with a picture of the fukittol pill; instead of the Vet’s picture. funny

    • mark says:

      ITS IN THERE, even thought THEY say it is not

    • mark says:

      Also Why would WE Trust anything They Tell US at this point, THEY control ALL MSM News media.

    • asknod says:

      Yeah. I put that up to show Vets what the card looks like a year ago. Thank goodness I accidentally covered up my bar code with the Fukitol picture. If you get the RFID Obamacare chip, I want to be there. Mark your calendars- Ladies and Gentlemen. March 23rd, 2014 is the last day before you get taken away and have it done forcibly. This I have to see. Millions of Americans lining up for a chip install.

      • Mark Tolomei says:

        You will not even know its in your Body, Thats how far ahead THEY are with Tec 50 years ahead, of what we know, We are in the New Dark ages.

        • asknod says:

          Yeah, but in order to get it into our body, it requires having it inserted. If you think I’m not going to notice something the size of a grain of rice being inserted subcutaneously, you’re smoking better stuff than I am. I had my dog done and it’s not something small and insignificant. Molly still needed some lidocaine and a stitch. Relax, bubba. No chips- no salsa,

          • mark says:

            You are Breathing it Brother, Look Up at the Chemtrails, Nano Tec, like I said 50 years ahead, but I really do not care about this body of Death, only what comes after.

  2. mark says:

    Another Mark Of The Beast The New Health Care Law DOES have a CHIP that THEY want to put in your right Hand. FACT, Look it up its in the Law. Sooner or Later EVERYTHING will be on that chip, your whole life, Med Recs, Everything, Still do not believe what Gods Work Says? WE all better start reading our Bibles.

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