Any action on the new presumptive benefits for bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, and Parkinsonism yet?

A little. They have been added to the Agent Orange Exposure webpage (LINK).

I do not see anything on this in the Federal Register yet. However, VA

posted on VAvantage blog (May 27) >>>BREAKING: VA plans expansion of benefits for disability claims for conditions related to certain toxic exposures
New evaluation process to be applied in identifying future presumptive condition

VA will begin implementing provisions of the William M. Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2021 (Public Law 116-283), adding three conditions to the list of those presumptively associated with exposure to herbicide agents, more commonly known as Agent Orange. Those conditions are bladder cancer, hypothyroidism and Parkinsonism.

Excerpt: “About 52,000 veterans and another 6,000 family members of deceased veterans are expected to qualify for the new benefits.”

BVA is chock full of Agent Orange and bladder cancer claims. Here’s a denial:

Citation Nr: 20036637
Decision Date: 05/28/20 Archive Date: 05/28/20

However, they said previous denials will be reviewed. (Hmmmm. I would not wait.)

If we denied your claim for any of these conditions in the past, we’ll automatically review your case again. You don’t need to file another claim. We’ll send you a letter to let you know we’re reviewing your case.


The Vietnam Veterans of America gives lavish praise to President Biden, calling him a “saviour” for swift action. (Press release 5/27/21).

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6 Responses to Any action on the new presumptive benefits for bladder cancer, hypothyroidism, and Parkinsonism yet?

  1. Calvin Winchell says:

    Hypothyroidism? How about hyperthyroidism before they destroyed the functioning of my thyroid with radioactive iodine? Oh ya, then cut half out of my neck from lesions they created from mismanagement of dosing and not informing the dangers of Interferon? JET GUNS JET GUNS.. gosh I didn’t see that on the list??? And we are happy about??? More lip service and BS…

    • Laura says:

      Surgery on the neck…ouch. Very sensitive place. Total misery I’m told.
      Jet gun research is buried–still unpublished with few exceptions.
      My hubby had interferon. A year of insanity and pain. Killed the HCV but wrecked havoc in his entire system to this day.

      • Calvin Winchell says:

        Laura, hope your hubby was compensated for his interferon adventure? Mine was meted out by V.A. 100%… how about your husbands? Yes, two biopsies were for something I did in a past life 🤨

        • Laura says:

          No, we didn’t make a claim for that but may tie it to a dental claim & HCV at a later date. He is service-connected for hearing, PTSD (combat–Vietnam), DMII, and workin on PD now. So you can see why I’m following the AO legislation. He also slugged down, and cooked with the lovely toxic death waters at Camp LeJeune for months and months. Another PD presumptive.
          As Alex has said in the past, something to the effect that dealing with the VA is like getting sludge poured over you. I’ve submitted my hubby’s claims and it makes me very nervous because I know how bad a denial will hurt him (and his family) get the help he needs. However, so far, we’ve been treated pretty darn well by VA and private docs. No horrible horror stories to report so far.
          The worst thing about Vietnam for his family is that his younger brother died at only 48. He was in the Army Corp of Engineers, digging in the AO saturated soil of Vietnam. They were very close. Another brother, an Airman, who mostly partied in Thailand but he did develop a brain tumor that was successfully removed and AO was in Thailand too. (He’s older and still living.)

  2. Ron says:

    Yeah he’s a real savior and we stupid bastards–his words on twitter in 2016–are truly grateful.

    • Laura says:

      VVA is pandering to Biden in that press release. I think the praise should have been given to Sen. Jon Testor of Montana who did put a lot of effort into getting support for this legislation.

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