Fast-Tracking Your VA Case

Are You Tired of Waiting on a Decision from the VA?

Getting the VA benefits you deserve can feel like jumping through hoops with no end in sight.  Generally, the VA decides cases in the order that a claim or appeal was received, which can take years. But, here’s how you can potentially fast-track your VA case – A Request For Expedited Processing.

When your case is given expedited processing, you move up closer to the front of the line of veterans waiting for a decision. The following types of veterans can get their cases fast-tracked:

  • Veterans who are homeless
  • Veterans who are a terminally or seriously ill
  • Veterans who are experiencing extreme financial hardship
  • Veterans 85 years or older with cases at the Regional Office OR Veterans 75 years or older with cases at the Board of Veterans Appeals
  • Veterans who are former Prisoners of War (FPOW)
  • Veterans awarded a Purple Heart Medal

How Do I Get My VA Case Fast-Tracked?

Getting your case fast-tracked depends on where your case is. For cases at the Regional Office, you can send a letter to the Evidence Intake Center asking for expedited processing. You should clearly state the reason(s) why your case should be fast-tracked. Remember, when sending anything to the VA, always be specific about what you’re asking for and why. Be prepared to submit documentation of your extreme financial hardship, for example, which could include foreclosure notices, eviction notices, or bills in collection.

For cases at the Board of Veterans Appeals, you need to draft a motion. Any motion to the Board should clearly state your name, VA claims number, and be addressed to the Board at the following address: Board of Veterans’ Appeals, P.O. Box 27063, Washington, D.C. 20038. Just like a request for expedited processing at the Regional Office, your motion should specifically state why your case should be fast-tracked, with documentation to support your motion. And always save proof (fax confirmation, certified mail slip) that you sent your mail to the VA.

A well-drafted request or motion for expedited processing could mean the difference between waiting months, not years, for your VA benefits. If you fit the above criteria for fast-tracking your VA case, don’t wait – send your letter for expedited processing today!




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2 Responses to Fast-Tracking Your VA Case

  1. Calvin Winchell says:

    75 to 85 years old??? Homeless? Terminally ill? The kindness of the Veterans Administration is just overwhelming!!!

  2. Emmit Collier Jr says:

    Very well said, that’s makes a lot in since. The VA should have made veterans aware of this. Thanks keep it up.

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