I received this email over a month ago via a fellow litigator. I didn’t publish it then because it was still undisseminated information. Since then, it has been openly shared and discussed. Having met and befriended several VLJs who always remember me when we cross paths again at a later date, I feel I owe them (and you) the right to have the BVA chairman’s dirty laundry aired. It’s no fun being made the scapegoat or whipping boy for the hierarchy’s stupidity. We all wear big boy pants in this litigation business. There’s no room for sabotage when adjudicative assets are in such high demand. 

The advent of the new AMA essentially provoked a compendium of two versions of VA law. By rights, anyone in Legacy must have waited longer to arrive at this point. Ergo, logic dictates that the BVA chairman(woman) in charge clean up and close out the old baggage before addressing the new- advancements on the docket excepted.

Likewise, it would follow that if you could hire within the ranks of experienced staff attorneys who could begin as VLJs without a year’s training to become proficient, that it would greatly benefit our Nation’s Veterans and help greatly in decreasing the backlog. But noooooooooooooo. The chairman elected to hire 45 new VLJs.  Of that number, we now have 37 sitting VLJs who have to have their VA underwear color-coded (yellow in front, brown in back) in order to get them on right. In fact, lowly VSO service officers probably know more than these VLJs with no JD whatsoever.

Who’s the rocket boy or girl who dreamed up this fustercluck? Does it even matter once they clicked send? I speak as a Veteran when I say that I’m appalled but not the least surprised. I’ve been playing VA poker since 1989 and this is just more of the same eternal ineptitude we have come to expect. No matter how advanced VA becomes via computers, there are ample ways Government can invent roadblocks to logic and sanity. The idea that anyone could authorize this without oversight or three signatures is even more evidence that the inmates have taken over the asylum.

So, if you’re wondering why you’ve been waiting 1059 days for a hearing, The VLJs in DC want to let you know they’re even more disgruntled than you are.


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  1. Holly says:

    Ill, hurting, and in need VETERANS need help but IMO the VA docs don’t seem to care. I have had enough.

  2. JOEL HINES says:

    This explains the last decision i received in June this year signed by a Acting VLJ which in its Reason and Bases made absolutely no sense, citing no authority, or regulations, instead ad hoc BS prompting another trip to the CAVC. Just Plain Pathetic.

  3. Calvin Winchell says:

    But don’t worry! Michelle and Barrack got their portraits hung in the White House yesterday as our hero’s (veterans) are sick and dying waiting for years and years to receive help… if ever.

  4. Calvin Winchell says:

    Come now boys and girls! There is some purposeful feet dragging going on here and to believe for a second this is purely accidental is poppycock. They need the guillotine for the Director and the VLJ’s are getting paid rather then the disabled veterans… the inmates have taken over The asylum… now what???

  5. Gary says:

    Explains two meaningless remands…

  6. Rick Bradley says:

    You nailed it Alex! Heads need to roll (starting at the top) and people need to be held accountable, millions of Veterans have suffered because of these internal actions and accountability needs to happen… with a quickness. The BVA adjudication timelines are absolutely horrendous, it is unimaginable that such an inept decision was made at that level, yet here we are living it, and some, dying with it.

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