Nurse Silvia (right) with daughter

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you, Silvia and all who helped to bring this to the fore. We have patiently waited for any evidence other than the CDC pointing out that jetguns were inherently unsanitary and were never going to be rehabilitated into respectability-ever. Notwithstanding the fact that rank amateur E-1 medical trainees were issued these weapons with no training on sterile procedures, it’s scary to think anyone with an ounce of  real medical training could look at one of these things and feel it was intrinsically safe to use on anything more than barnyard fowl. 

Here’s a downloadable .pdf  AllServiceJetgunWithdrawal1997

And here is the .jpg version

Let VA say what they will about there being no concrete evidence jetguns transmitted Hepatitis C. It would be folly now to conduct those tests. Often, medical folks vote with their pocketbooks or conscience. If these jetguns were so sanitary, ask yourself this. Why are they no longer in use? What particular feature made the CDC and the Department of Defense forego their usage and pay billions more using disposable syringes?

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  1. Kiedove says:

    Sylvia et al, this is great! We have a precise withdrawal date. Many thanks.
    It is almost certain that physical experiments done on chimps or other creatures exist but the research is unpublished. The weasel words on the the withdrawal say “potential” but there is data behind this withdrawal letter. We need a FOIA request of transcripts of conversations in meetings, rational, etc…They exist somewhere in the DoD archives.
    At this point, statistics can be used to ferret out an estimate of how many cases of HCV and HIV infections resulted from the jet gun mode of transmission. And then used to go on down the risk factor list.
    This withdrawal is proof that jet guns were considered a risk factor by 1997. This is a fact, not an
    VA “alternative fact.”

    • SPrice says:

      The CDC did studies in 1977, 1986 (after the 1985 hep B outbreak caused by a jet injector) and 1993-94, all showed nasty things. Check out the timeline Tricia put together at HCVets. Also, check out the 2005 FDA meeting on jet injectors that our very own Harry Hooks did a presentation for. It’s long but a great read. It talks about all the CDC studies.

      Experiments done with chimps….we have those too!

      I think we wrapped it all nicely. This last one is just the cherry on top

      • Kiedove says:

        I will read those. I’ve read the CDC 1985 hep B/jet gun report and that alone is proof enough according to Dr. Cecil’s website. But all of these resources that you are finding are going to help bulldoze the lies.

  2. NOW I’m realizing the WHY that I didn’t fall prey to Viral invasion precluding Liver enemies such as Hepatitis et all of those/these diseases(not at-ease) potentially shortening one’s life/lives decades before the natural progression of age. So I’m 71 now and still have some vestige of the awesome upper arm musculature of that time; 1966; USMC/San Diego,CA; that muscle group produced by over one decade of La Jolla Surfing! Yep, that fucking stinger-gun hurt like hell albeit (however/but) apparently did not go deeper (this is me folks) than the adjacent muscle! Otherwise, I’d also be one of the walking dead; please forgive any personal insinuation; NONE intended, just using for sake of engagement.

    • SPrice says:

      Dr Weninger from the CDC said the guns frequently missed the intended space. It depended on the angle the gun was set at and the size of the arm…and whether the gun had been maintained properly.

  3. john king says:

    I remember those of us who had the shots the day before having to do the hand ladder and guys dropping off because their arms where swollen up from the shoots. Guys had nasty infections from those shots. Consider we got shots for plague and all those other horrific diseases and I wonder how many guys had severe reactions and died? I wonder if those vaccine shots are still good almost 50 years later? You know the army would never admit that those shots may have killed people. How would they have covered that up I wonder? I do remember very clearly lots of blood when we got those jet gun shots and lots of infected arms later.

  4. asknod says:

    I have one I take to BVA hearings. I always offer to have the VLJ or DRO roll up his sleeve so I can prove what it feels like. I shoot a banana for them with FD&C #2 Red in the vial to impress on them what it looks and must feel like. Yep. you can get them to slice bananas too.3,500 PSI.

  5. Ron says:

    Hummmm (sound of air compressor sitting on the floor. Then SHHHHHHSH (sound of the jet gun blowing vaccine into the raw recruit’s arm. Then an occasional muffeled scream as the jet of air slices said recruit’s arm. Didn’t happen that way you say? Were you there to witness it? Did you see the assembly line of fatigued recruits that are sweating from the three mile run around MCRD San Diego, or NTC San Diego? Did you feel the intense burn as the cold vaccine blows in at so many thousand PSI into your muscle? Too bad all these dipstick (I’m being polite but not nice) politicians and presidents, chiefs of staff, white house bumblers get their tetanus toxoid, yellow fever, typhoid vaccines, all in the same day to receive theirs also. Or to give Hank Kissinger (mister all military men are nothing but dumb animals receive his in the end of his worthless tongue) along with them.
    But I can dream can’t I.

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