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Well, boy howdy. I honestly thought I’d seen everything but this one is a daisy. I’m not sure how to tell you all the particulars-or if you’d even believe me were I to. It’s so bizarre as to statistically deny … Continue reading

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Brother John flashed the one and only Bat signal in the sky heralding the desire of John and Jerrel (personal pronouns us, them, they)  for my appearance on Exposed Vet to discuss Speshull Monthly Compensation. I look forward to this … Continue reading

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CAVC– Barry v. Denis the Menace

Long have we waited for some guidance on this subject. The quandary was, and still is, simple…and ageless. Reading §3.350(f)(3) or, arguendo, (f)(4), is it open to conjecture as to whether a half-step and/or a whole step increase in SMC … Continue reading

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Sometimes I feel as if I’ve been gifted a VA faery wand whereby I can just wave it and pumpkins turn into coaches and mice to steeds. Wait. Hold that. Wrong faerytale. Perhaps,  a truckload of silver iodide and a … Continue reading

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I see from the asknod statistics that the most viewed items seem to be articles about Special Monthly Compensation- or SMC in VA parlance. I think, to VA, it is an inconvenient truth; an entitlement that has to be granted … Continue reading

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