I’ve talked with and used Dr. Cecil for many years now. He has been of immeasurable help in getting my Veterans service connected for Hep. C. Here, again, he proves his worth and comes through-not once, but twice- in ensuring this Veteran received benefits for his disease. I feel proud to be in the vanguard of VA advocates fighting for this disease. Although I didn’t get my hepatitis from a jetgun, I fight for everyone who did. I’ll be in Oakland in late March for a Travel Board hearing to help another one of our Vets (Steve) in this battle.

What’s incredible is that Steve even admitted to sniffing the White Lady in 1988. VA glommed onto that like white on rice and used it to deny with. But… Steve is Stage 4 and has ascites and varices. This indicated he’d had the Hep for about  45 years-which happened to coincide with his greatest risk factors in service.

Throughout our battles for service connection for Hepatitis C, we’ve had one incredible, undaunted touchstone for information-HCVets and Patricia Lupole. It was she who introduced me to Dr. Cecil.

Here’s the link. Dr. B.C. is Dr. Cecil. He’s very well known in Hepatitis c circles.

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  1. Gary Lewis says:

    This is great information as I am a Veteran that was once diagnosed with Hepatitis and am now in the midst of filing a claim for over the past two years

    • asknod says:

      Good deal. You’ll need to get your complete claims file from VA which will include your STRs. Plan on supplying that to Dr. Cecil when you begin this process.

  2. jimmy watson says:

    I got Hep C back in 60’s from the jet gun didn’t show up til 2007 but when it did was bad, now have some signs after treatment lots of headaches pain in right side, sometimes get bad,

  3. cdneh says:

    I hope this works for us

  4. woodguy11 says:

    Hello Alex, just read this and am glad he won his claim. I submitted Dr.Cecils report and one from my hepatalogist and it got remanded from the BVA. I am going to print this and take it with me to the C&P exam. Will it work as evidence ? Pisses me off that I spent all that research time to get remanded. Thing of it is,I had Hep-C when I put in the claim and now I got Harvonized (cured) and no longer have it . My C&P examiner wants me to take a blood test but they will find nothing. What do you think? TY Ray

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