I got the Bat signal in the sky the other day. Jerrell and John started hounding me for the sequel to our last show on December 19th. This subject has been reintroduced from strictly the Blue Water angle in the new Congress which is rather disconcerting. I reckon all of you remember the introduction of SMC T (R2) for TBI and the VA Caregiver Program to post 9/11/2001 Vets. It seems incongruous to have some Vets “more equal” than other Vets like George Orwell’s Animal Farm. Nevertheless, this is what VA is devolving into. A Blue Water Squid 35 miles offshore who never so much as smelled AO gets the presumptive but the Thailand Vet who was actually standing in it gets nothing.

The post 9/11 Vets

I represent Thailand Vets who are equally as sick as the Blue Water Boys so why the dichotomy? Tune in and find out.

Thursday 1900 Hrs on the (L)east coast and 1600 on the Left. Adjust for Middle America and fire for effect.

The call in number is still

347-237-4819 (push #1 to talk)

And for today’s entertainment,

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