With all the fur flying over TDIU and possibly underutilized VA  medical facilities closing, Jerrel called me today and asked me to inveigh on dem changes. So, once again Thursday afternoon at 1600 Local on the sunny Left  Coast of our Fruited plains, I will discuss the inequality of TDIU and the need for reform to put it in equipoise. 

For those who have read Animal Farm by George Orwell, the phrase “Some pigs are more equal than other pigs” is amply borne out in 38 CFR. As I like to point out, the first two letters of TDIU are Total Disability. Everything after is superfluous, redundant and repetitive. As I can only be called (and rated) 100% disabled by VA, then how to explain SMC S and my 290% rating? How can Johnny Vet in Muskogee be TDIU with a 60% back disability, when Johnny Vet in Fort Harrison Montana has a 70% rating for bent brain and is not? Call up and tell us your thoughts on this.

How about them VA pharmacists? Two for you and one for me… Two for you and one for me… Ooops. I spilled some on the floor, too.

What we have here is an endless number of VA subjects to talk about. Wait ’till you hear of my bait and switch –asked for IU and then bartered up for 100% P&T and then set the hook– an EED back to 2005. VA says I’m not playing fair. What the hey? They taught me this poker game.

Remember, the magic number is

347-237-4819 (push #1 to talk)

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  1. Kiedove says:

    Miss the live show like I did? To hear the interesting discussion, try this link:


  2. john king says:

    All SSDI requires is that you be totally disabled for at least one year. They don’t have TDIU or some sort of test for scheduler. If you are totally disabled then you are totally disabled. Even my insurance company that pays me for my disability keeps paying as long as I have not gone back to work. IU and 100% should be the same rating. It is all based on your ability to work.

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