Finally, a few months late but nothing like better than never, the President’s IT gurus have declared the Vets’ ” Call me Donald” phone line open for business.

Here it is folks and guaranteed to be a busy tone for quite some time. The President might have thought he was joking when he said it would take up all his Twitter time. He has no idea how many disgruntled Veterans he has across our fruited plain.


This is going to be hotter than a Black Friday threefer blue light special on 158 gr, JHP .357 ammo at K Martket. Gentlemen, start your engines. 

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  1. asknod says:

    Hey, folks. Trust me. You should see what this sets lose. They actually call me and promise to get it back on track and then beg me not to have my Vets call. It isn’t perfect but it throws a rock at their window.

  2. veteran10000 says:

    Veterans were handed a bull story about this line . It is not manned by people from trumps office or any independent investigative body but VA personal who bury issues just like going to the VA patient advocate – a big wage of time as your complaint will be buried

  3. Ron says:

    Agreed! What was that old line about the proverbial cat trying to cover something on a hot tin roof? That will be the person on the other end of the line at the White House as you say.

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