vreMember Randy (always in good standing) has finally cut the ILP Gordian knot with the Denver VR&E krewe. After years of spewing misinformation and Catch 22 jargon at him, they finally realized he’s read Chapter 21 of 38 CFR and is proficient in English grammar. Once you conquer that mountain, the VR&E pukes realize Pandora is out of her box and bent on untold mischief. 

Here’s the early swaggar. Golly, it only took three years and the threat of an Administrative Review under 38 CFR § 21.98– Appeal of disagreement regarding development of, or change in, the plan. Read it he did. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssss. It’s sad that we have to teach the VR&E employees their own regulations.


Rock and roll, Randy. I got the plain white vanilla flavor of this in 2005 for Cupcake’s parents. Cost was $3,500. The cost of living went up. Randy says this puppy went for about $ 8 K +. I’m guessing the contractor’s brother works at the Denver RO or is somehow related by marriage to someone who is.

They tell me my greenhouse is in the pipeline…but to where? It’s only been seventeen months since I won. If it gets out to 2 years, I’ll saddle up and head back to 625 Wagonburner Lane NW for another attitude adjustment with Judge Bartley. Meanwhile here’s a shot of us last year in San Francisco getting in trouble.


Alex and Randy @ Sofitel in Redwood City 8/2016



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  1. Skywalker says:

    I worked with those folks out there…got two degrees through them. Had some good experiences, had some bad ones (had 3 Voc Rehab counselors during that time).

    I will say the VA ed system worked better for me than the disability (ugh).

    • asknod says:

      I expect you’re talking about Voc Rehab training. We’re talking about the VR&E’s Independent Living Program-the one that exists on paper but nowhere else unless you pitch a bitch.

      • Skywalker says:

        Oh, sorry, yeah, I was talking about the Voc Rehab/education stuff.

        I’ve noticed Denver’s really tough on vets for some reason. Their C & P examiners are some of the least friendly I’ve ever seen. Remember how they screwed hubby over by trying to sever his SC and stalled his claim about another 2 years? Yep.

  2. john king says:

    What the VA is hoping is that you will fall in the bath, break a hip and die. Why would they want to prevent that?

  3. david murphy says:

    Win or die, fighting that battle with ILP now. Well done

  4. azeejensmom says:

    Bravo, Randy.

    Great photo 😊

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