CaptureGot the request from Nicole Lascurain of Healthline to put this up for information to pass on to Veterans. As most who we help here are over the hump and at least in our fifties, I feel it may be redundant but your health is far more important than how many times a threat is reiterated. Actually, the graphics are far better than I hoped. As they don’t advocate we buy widgets from them, it passes the commercial test. 


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  1. woodguy11 says:

    Agreed….Encepalopathy (Brain) and labrum hips….and if you do not arrest it soon enough Liver Transplant. Not fun. But now there is a cure whoop ass on C…..The virus seems to go for the large joints first. Already had to have a hip replacement and the doc wants to go for the other one but since the virus has been killed it hasn’t gotten any worst. Yahoo.

  2. SPrice says:

    Like the brain and the blood.

  3. SPrice says:

    She forgot a few things like diabetes, kidney problems, degenerative joint disease, heart problems, neuropathy, GI problems. The fluid is not in the stomach its in the abdomen. Musty mouth? How about lichen planus instead? Bad blood? If I told a doctor that a patient has bad blood he wouldn’t know what I mean. I know her intentions are good and I thank her for it but if we’re going to spread info then lets use correct names and facts. Hepatitis C in the liver….how about everywhere else? Like the brain and the good.

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