haditlogo2007Almost forgot to put this one up. Jerrel and John invited me to do a show last week but I made the mistake of going to Butch Long’s C&P exams. They are at QTC which is a …doctor’s office… where diseases grow. Having a compromised immune system courtesy of AO and hepatitis c, I quickly found myself the proud owner of a fever and a sore throat. Having conquered that, I’m back.

Today we are going to take 38 USC §1114/ 38 CFR §3.350 apart with a razor blade and examine it minutely. Feel free to call in and interrupt me in mid-sentence. I continually hear misinterpretations of the regulation/statute and I worry too many of you may be harmed.

Considering VA hides this in the same back room where they keep the Independent Living Program, it needs a big dose of sunshine to inform you of what it really says. So join me in an hour and seven minutes at:



Call me cowboy- I’ll be your huckleberry. Hit #1 when you get me!

Check this one out-SMC S and the 5- year protection rule.  VSO and Vet sit around and do nothing. Rating is reduced. They take it away just before it’s protected and then give it back starting the 5-year clock over. Nonadversarial VA ratings practices. Plenty of time for reductions while the backlog for DRO reviews grows like a metastasizing cancer.

Or this one. DAV jumps in and demands SMC L -up from S +K for just one foot owie. Ain’t gonna happen. Two feet or no dice. DAV tries to use blind + one foot. Ahhh, excusez-moi, he passed the eye chart test….

Don’t make these mistakes.

Here’s the link to Hadit’s blog radio:

Click on the November 4th, 2015 7;00 PM Blogcast.  You’ll enjoy it like A Prairie Home Companion. Jerrel discusses his ILP need for a safe room due to his post-tornado stress syndrome. John is in the hunt for some goodies too. And yes, we did touch on SMC eventually. I think you’ll be entertained and even learn something.

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  1. clearleft says:

    Figurin VA couldn’t get you by the front door…..They’d do you in via the back door…. You do know that former VA sec’y Vince Principi is one of the principles of QTC…. Bet he’s still gotta lotta good ole boys he still owes favors from ‘the good ole days’.

    Tread careful NOD tread careful

    “RED” Smoke ????

    • asknod says:

      Bruce, Ol Butch is carrying the better part of a 60 Mike mike. All his A Co. buddies that survived that night are 100% for bent bodies and bent brains. Or Parkinsons etc. I don’t see them trying to hang Butch to get to me. If they do, bring it on. I’ll turn Hurricane Katrina loose on them. The wrath of an Alpha female Vet attorney scorned is probably not what they want. Remember the CAVC tried to bitchslap her over a comma in the wrong place a year ago and she showed them the comma was in the right spot. Bad idea unless you’re right.

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