2015 Silver Queen (2)Every year in late summer, Cupcake and I eagerly await the birth of a new corn crop. As some of you know, Leigh Birch, one of our latest VA Lotto winners sends me the magic seeds to plant. With our unusually hot summer beginning in May this year, the SQ had lots of good growing days. Add horse/goat fertilizer and plenty of H2O for best results. The only thing weird is that the ears are about 3 inches longer this year. 

I’m sure that my minders at the Seattle Fort Fumble will be overjoyed to see that I’m a) still alive, b) still growing veggies and lastly,  c) still patiently waiting for my greenhouse. VA claims are a lot like growing corn. It just takes longer than 90-100 days but is equally as rewarding.

2015 Silver Queen (1)


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1 Response to ILP– SILVER QUEEN IN 100 DAYS

  1. Slowlane says:

    I’d kill for Silver Queen corn

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