CapturePlease be advised that a website claiming it is Udorn Thailand Vet is regularly plagiarizing other Veterans’ website works and blog posts. While it is not my policy to “out” other Vet’s sites, anyone who abrogates another’s work as their own is in substantial violation of copyright laws. I am flattered any would copy my work but disturbed that they would put their name on it with no attribution. Be aware of that when submitting anything of your own to them.

Here’s the post they absconded with.

As most know,  numerous Veterans have reported problems with Togetherweserved jacking Vets up for free membership and converting it into a $20 annual tithe that requires a bloodhound to figure out how to disengage them from your credit card short of cancelling it. It would appear  this is run by the same outfit. Naw. Just kidding. This outfit doesn’t appear to be a Veteran-run outfit. Who knows. I sure don’t.

I did have to “join” to register my protest. They immediately categorized my new complaint as spam and 86’d it. Just so you know.


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