DSC01153Road trips are a hoot. We made it across Willamette Pass (5200 ft.) a hop, skip and a jump ahead of a major snowstorm unbeknownst to us. It dropped from 60 to 34 over several hours and dumped two feet. The next day we dodged it again and made it to Reno late in the day. 

Our trip began on a sour note. Cupcake wanted to rent a Ford Fusion to see if we might want to buy one shortly. The idiots at Avis assured us we could specify the vehicle right up until Sunday when we arrived to pick it up. Not exactly. Bad info. We declined their offer of the Chevy Impala and opted to drive our tired old Prius down. Good idea. We would never have gotten all Cupcake’s suitcases into the Impala or the Fusion.

On behalf of myself and Asknod, I wish to thank the Atlantis Casino for their munificent contribution to HCVets:


Shortly thereafter, the Grand Sierra Resort, not to be upstaged, seconded the largesse and made additional contributions to the cause:

DSC01151 DSC01152Tomorrow we begin learning everything we always wanted to know about VA law but were afraid to ask. Here’s a lovely shot of the SF harbor from our seventeenth floor balcony. I do wish to thank Ruth at Reception for the upgrade.


Coincidentally this also marks the official Summer West Coast Hepfest opening festivities for 2015. For lack of any current, local participants, fellow Vietnam Veteran Brad Golding drove 300 miles to meet with me and celebrate the meaning of cameraderie and joy of life. We plan further fishing/celebration this summer as we are much nearer to one another than we thought-both geographically and  spiritually.


The red clay club conference at the SF Hyatt Regency





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  1. How delightful! So lovely to see the two of you together! XOXOXOXOs Now isn’t that a new twist on hugfest. .. “summer long festering”!? Nice, nice, NICE!!!

  2. John King says:

    I want a couple of large glass cages with not rock and heat lamps so I can have my American snake collection again. Nothing like a nice big corn snake or king snake as a pet here in Florida. I used to take my big rat snake out for exercise on the lawn. Birds would come down and attack my snakes especially the rat snake since he could climb trees like you would not believe. He escaped his cage and went missing for about a yearsHe was found and killed high up in a palm tree by some dumb guy who probably thought this harmless and beneficial snake was a cobra or some other deadly viper. Do you think the VA would buy me a couple of cages? I asked for a guitar once and it turned into a federal case.

  3. david j murphy says:


  4. hepper74 says:

    Ah yes the wizened one! I hear that the VAOIG was behind the over sized drapes trying to get the down low on the actual need for greenhouses.

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