downloadI received this from my dearest friend Patricia Lupole today-she who named us Asknod. It comes as I remember getting a letter from a fellow Air America Friend packing up PC-6’s over at the Air America Terminal on the flightline at Tan Son Nhut Air Base. He wrote it over lunch  on the 11th while prepping the Porters for shipment back to Taiwan. Dale was spooked at the obvious ARVN “troop movements” around the perimeter as if to prepare for a final stand. He wrote that he couldn’t wait to beat feet for Clark Air Base and on to home.

I try mightily to suppress memories of all those I lost over there. I read today that they awarded Purple Hearts to all who were clobbered by Major Raghead at Fort Hood. Wherefore the Purple Hearts for all of those PICs wounded or killed who swooped in on the PDJ in old H-34s (unarmed) and scooped up my friends when they were shot down? How about a round of Air Medals for each and every one who risked life and limb with no thought of their own lives to rescue Air Force personnel?


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4 Responses to 4/11/1975-4/11/2015–ONLY 40 YEARS AND IT SEEMS LIKE AN ETERNITY

  1. steve says:

    I wish the officer who shot Major malfunction at FT.HOOD would have been slinging .45 hollow points.. He would be in his 72 virgin sheep harem by now.

  2. david j murphy says:

    Takes a exceptional breed of human to enter a hot LZ unarmed in the name of saving his fellow man.

  3. asknod says:

    My friend Bruce put it more succinctly. Now you can understand why we felt such umbrage when the British imported German Hessian troops to New Jersey to help put down the American revolution in 1788.
    In retrospect, we had no business being in RVN. It was a civil war albeit one for or against the precept of communism. Being wholly apolitical now, I understand it. As for the business at Fort Hood, pretty soon you’ll qualify for a PH if you get blisters from your new combat boots on a five mile walkabout. The dichotomy of taking away a soldier’s rifle for fear he may go NASDAQ while here in America yet entrusting it to him (with 40 mike mike grenades) in Kabul escapes me. Had those fellows been armed, Major Sand Rancher would never have even considered it. Same scenario for the Sandy Hook school massacre. No guns equals a target-rich environment.

  4. hepper74 says:

    Never gonna happen my friend but you AND they know what happened in country and I heard from an uncle who told me this, ” we went, we did the job, albeit BS as hands were tied, and we tried to minimize the collateral damage”. But at the end of the day does it really translate to a civilian population that just wanted the killing to stop on all sides.

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