scThe second batch of 2014 decisions were put up today and the increase of cases being won via jetguns is finally getting some traction. Here’s the very first one I looked at and the turn around in VHA “expert” opinions shows 30 pieces of silver aren’t enough to hush their mouths.

With regard to receiving injections from air gun jet injectors, the expert found that such exposure is as least as likely as not to have led to the Veteran’s current hepatitis C exposure. In support, the expert provided that currently, multi-use jet gun injections and injectors are no longer medically recommended due to the risk of transmission of blood-borne diseases. Further, because there is a lack of showing of any other possible means of transmission through other identifiable risk factors, to include sexual transmission, as there is no medical evidence establishing any such risk factors, the only plausible means that remains at least as likely as not is the air gun injectors.

Finally, after 22 years, they are willing to admit (and grant service connection) that there is a link between the jetguns and the bug. I’m sure Gary Lupole is smiling down from somewhere above and saying “No duh.”

Gentlemen, start your keyboards.

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  1. asknod says:

    Found this on Facebook<>

    Simeprevir is the old NS3A inhibitor like boceprevir. They are as useless as boobs on a dude. The object of the new Gilead trials is to add two NS5As together like Sovaldi/ledipasvir or Sovaldi/Olysio or Sovaldi/Daclatasvir. VA is trying to run out their supplies of Simepravir. I’m surprised they didn’t hose him with Ribavirin, too.

  2. SPrice says:

    I know, I’ know, it’s my turn.

  3. WGM says:

    It is really good to see more jetgun cases being won by Vet’s, and medical expert’s that testify about the danger of using jetgun’s. It’s even better to see the vA raters and exainers having to accept jetgun’s as the major cause of so many Vet’s having HCV. Hopefully more Vet’s will discover ASKNOD and learn how to win an HCV claim.
    I owe my success to the knowledge found here, and the long and hard work of ASKNOD and all the others that contributed to this knowledge base.

  4. Kiedove says:

    There’s a lot in this decision to digest. Why doesn’t the judge call out the crap about no HCV in service records from the 70s. Surely he knows that is impossible. He negates the opinion of the vets private doc but loves the faulty ten-year old fast letter. I’d say he has balls except that he only supports the VA examiner’s opinions. So its great news because it’s a win but its still cowardly and illiterate in many respects.

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