10386271_10152496181925700_3349862854289483951_nEver wonder who creates all those intriguing videos of “stuff”? Me, too. More importantly, why? They get no credit or monetary gain. They get no accolades or attaboys from anyone but friends who know they were responsible yet they keep on plugging away producing them. Nevertheless, it befalls me to bring them to your attention and share them. You simply cannot go through life without a jogstrap if you enjoy jogging. 




In the comments section below this, I would hope many of you readers would add:”Thank you for sharing that.” or “That made my day.” or perhaps “Where can I get my own  jogstrap?” We at asknod work hard for your accolades. Fort Facebook is a valuable tool for humor as you can see. We need humor. We deal with the VA virtually every day so our depression levels are usually in the tank. I hope these vignettes in some small way ameliorate the angst.

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  1. hepper74 says:

    Ordered and received mine but I have to opt for the large bottles of water due to frequent dehydration from all of the walking. Have not been able to run anywhere, except the restroom, in years. LMAO at that one.

  2. Kiedove says:

    I wish I could be funny like the FBers but alas that’s not my talent. These visual jokes are pretty cool and they keep rolling out.

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