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Before I inveigh on the Winston Salem chowderheads for their transgressions, I wanted to pass along some valuable information to you guys. When you’re a) down to your last four eggs,  and b) you’re planning on serving them scrambled anyway; … Continue reading

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“The Price of Freedom: Americans at War”

The Smithsonian published an online exhibit and timeline (LINK) of recent American Wars.  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial has been a site where mourners have left very personal items and which the National Park Service has collected and archived.  Smithsonian text: … Continue reading

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I wish to apologize to my readership for my absence. It’s springtime and things grow that need to be mowed. I can’t depend on the horses to do all the weed-eating. That aside, I’ve watched with building interest the Big … Continue reading

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Indeed, as the lyrics state, I’ve decided my future lies beyond 810 Yellow Brick Road NW. Rarely do you get a chance to roll up six important projects into one and accomplish them all in one fell swoop. Imagine being … Continue reading

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I saw an article on the Khe Sanh Golf and Country Club Grand opening this AM. January 21st, two days before the start of Tet ’68, all hell broke lose up in NW Quảng Tri province. It was about as … Continue reading

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Prominent NYU nephrologist takes an interest in Agent Orange (AO)

The FASEB Journal, 1 April, 2014   April 1, 2014  Publisher:  Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology  (The photo below is from a different interesting project.) Dr. Jerome Lowenstein wrote a well-rounded essay, Agent Orange and Heart Disease: Is There a Connection? (LINK to … Continue reading

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I received an email from one of our members further illuminating what constitutes an unequivocal definition of the noun ‘shithole’. Forgive me the scatological associations of the word and focus  your memories on how utterly primative 11 Bravos’ existence once … Continue reading

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