Well, well, well. Seems there was some sort of kerfuffle over at Hadit after I published a post about a VA-authored list of doctors who purportedly write sketchy IMOs. Some took offense. The usual suspects showed up to denigrate and dismiss anything I reported. While I never actually tarred and feathered any of the poor physicians/psychologists on the VA’s list of alleged reprobates by name, I stand accused of same. Then the owner (whom I represent) 86’d me. Seems standard procedure at Hadit is to shoot the messenger if they don’t like the news. Which is sad when you consider their Logo is  “Leave no one behind”. 

This was our idea of leaving no one behind in 1970. We were colorblind.

Looking at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC) docket search, anyone can search decisions. As most know, when you get to the CAVC, all bets are off as far as traveling incognito. No more “Dr. A. opined this and that…” Unlike the BVA site, it lets you know who the major characters are by name. The IMO shit list I published the other day did so too which technically makes it an outlier. VA is supposed to be nonadversarial.

It would also appear some on the Hadit site are a wee bit inept when it comes to ascertaining the e-publisher of the document and some even doubt its authenticity. The repair order seems to be to 86 both the post and the poster. As for guilt, who knows? I never accused anyone of misfeasance, malfeasance or unprofessional conduct. I merely published that which is in the public domain. Apparently, that was a Bozo no-no.

Since I commiserate with the shortcomings of the e-sleuths over at Hadit, I print a screen grab of the “Properties” of that document anyone-even Homer Simpson’s monkey Mojo- could pull up to enlighten them.  One thing is certain. I didn’t manufacture it nor did I put any extra names on the list.


Looks legit. Seems it was constructed on 5/2/2019 by none other than our good friends at the corner of Delay and Deny Avenues. Doug doesn’t work for VA. He’s a friend of mine but has never helped me drink my wine (yet). Likewise, I can’t manufacture an official Maryland governmental website which lists doctors who have stepped on their neckties and been called to account. Only a convicted party can make the hit parade list. If this was on appeal, they would have to stay the punishment until the appeals had run their course. It’s in the public domain. A moderator at Hadit has stated he feels the link to the below was hacked by the Russians to defame the doctor.

The original link I published works. Trust me.

Does this make me an ogre for publishing these links? Have I maligned any person on the list personally by sharing this with my Vet buddies? Knowledge allows us the power to make certain informed decisions. Hadit Moderators would appear to be desperately attempting to censor this information. Aren’t they guilty of harming the very same people they profess not to want to leave behind? Let that sink in.


Some of you folks, including irate VSOs, who dislike to be maligned for their legal ignorance, come here and accuse me of being pure poison for Veterans. I don’t get where that comes from. I rep Vets. I figured out the Rosetta Stone on this in 2008 and have never looked back. I use a Nexus/IMO outfit who charges a flat $2000.00 for their services. No mystery here. I don’t advertize for them. Fact is, I don’t advertize for anyone. Unfortunately, some (again no names) who have been in this IMO business for decades, feel threatened by my revelations of cheaper prices. They think paying $10 K for a nexus is par for the course. Having successfully cornered the IMO market for all these aeons, they take umbrage with the idea that Veterans are suddenly shopping with their wallets. I guess it incenses them I let the Pandora IMO faery out of her box. What? You paid $10,000.00 dollars for your PTSD IMO? GTFOOH. Well, boy howdy. I didn’t force you to do it. Why blame the messenger?  Is it my fault I found a better IMO mousetrap? I confess. It isn’t a holistic mousetrap with aromatherapy and goat yoga but my Vets win.

First, I do not advertise. I have more work than I can keep up with. I don’t want your business to be perfectly honest. However, if you’re dying from some funky AO shit, then you’re one of my special people who broke c ration biscuits with me and shared your Tabasco™ and peaches once upon a time. If possible, I’ll try to make room for you. I married a rich girl so I don’t do this for the money. The only downside, if there is one, is that Cupcake doesn’t own a liquor store, too. Hell, in retrospect, I’d settle for a gas station right about now. Come another month and gas is going to be more expensive than whiskey.

Here’s one threat I received from an unnamed doctor. He came unglued a while back in August of 2019 after one of these  radio shows…

“Hey I heard you compare your docs to my 90% successful outcome with for [sic] a lessor [sic] fee .. not fair play on the radio  (terns [sic] and conditions) to advertise at my expense probably a violation of rehab act of 1970s.

I do Holistic work  – all issues 10-60 plus dbqs ya da ya da so an add [sic] for one off 1500 issue letter is just like medicine now which is all dumbed down to one complaint  in 15 min but it does not get our veterans a fair comprehensive rating”

Dr ____ _ _____

10-60 dbqs? Cool beans. I had no idea there was such a thing as a holistic nexus, folks. As with all upset souls, I offer these dissatisfied individuals a free soapbox here to convince you, the reader, that they are legitimate and have a fantastic product to tout. It’s a win-win for Vets. Remember Johnny Vet? That’s who and what this is all about. Not you and me.  As for their price, I guess it’s pretty much like lobster or gasoline these days- whatever the market will bear. I don’t charge for the IMO. My IMO company (which I have no financial interest in) sets the rates. I have no idea who they’ll choose to write the IMO nor do I care. My job is to help the Veteran win without reducing him to poverty in the process. If he’s broke, sure, I’m buying until s/he wins. If I lose, I eat it. Sometimes I buy one and don’t need it. I eat it.

Now, with that said, I share this tasty morsel I received this morning from someone who purports to be counsel (i.e. a lawyer) for the unnamed individual above they feel I have maligned. Reminds me of Lily Tomlin saying “Is this the person to whom I wish to speak?” I don’t malign folks. The internet already seems to be very efficient at that without me. I merely find information or am pointed to it by others and report back to you. Think Deep Throat. Would you hold me responsible for not telling you about a cheaper (or better) IMO source if I knew about it? Of course you wouldn’t. But some seem to think it’s a crime to reveal bad news about one certain person over at our former sister site. In essence, I’m forbidden to reveal that the Emperor may be naked. Now that that cat’s out of the bag, I must be excommunicated. I’m crushed. Bad Company…and I won’t deny it.

Dear Sir,

This email is intended for the poster of the

My name is Steve and I posted a response to your question on  As a new member, it must be approved but below is my post.  I was contacted by my client, the MD in Maryland you cite.  He was not happy!  This is the only MD performing free IMEs for any poor veteran in the entire world!  He did mine for free and I am at 100%.  In exchange, I agreed to prepare his divorce answer.  After seeing how bad a disabled veteran MD was being discriminated against, I stayed on and now performed for free over $100k in legal work for him in 4 different venues!

In fact, with your credentials, it baffles me that you would even post something against him, or anyone, unless you are soliciting or have an agenda?  Thats [sic] what happened in Maryland.  A dirty DVA advocate was losing clients and kickbacks because my doctor’s IMEs were being done for free instead of a cut of the back pay!  Do you not get paid for your services?  I suggest returning any and all funds collected from vets ASAP as a sign of good faith.

Just last month  I got a Texas law firm to pay $25,000 without even suing because a female lawyer posted some derogatory stuff based on hearsay identical to yours to solicit away clients!  That female lawyer removed her post and was fired days later. Although that Texas law firm did found out [sic] I am the craziest one of five senior counselors state side for the largest cartel south of the border.

You appear to be just some wanna-be lawyer who may have made a terrible mistake.  Let’s just hope you realize that now!
You may want to have a real lawyer repsond [sic] to me!  A guy with your balls/crendentials [sic] should have plenty of lawyer friends!

Anxiously awaiting your reply.

MY post follows———————————————————————————————–

Hello all,

I will answer your question as plain as day!  The Doctor in Maryland you link is a disabled veteran medical doctor.  He completed his residence for free because he was injured during training and is a quadraplegic.  His practice is solely doing IMEs and DBQs for veterans.  He saved my life for free, I finished law school and now I am suing in the USDC AZ against the psychologist who falsified my psych exam and hundreds others.  I suffered for 21 years because of the refusal to treat PTSD and I now have the names of every physician who tried to kill me with bi-polar malpractice.  Digital world has its benefits!

You are not BI-Polar, and if any VA “physician” said you were after 2003; you have a claim if its within 2 years for sure.  The 6th appeals court ruled all veterans are considered sound with more than 90 days of service in 2003!

If you are not 100% in AZ or anywhere, I will cover all IME costs and legal fees for your claims! The Doctor you cite from hearsay is in fact the only one in the country who does this directly.  If you are broke, you do not pay!  We are the only MD/Lawyer combo who charges $0 if you are broke!  For those who were not broke and just trying to squeeze the DVA, I have over $300,000 in outstanding debt from them!  So, that is why the DVA is impossible for the really sick!  There are over 3,000 100% disabled veterans making six figure salaries at other federal jobs as we speak!

I represent the Doctor you link in Maryland and the fine was increased from $1,000 to $50,000 when disputed due to fraud by the Veteran who filed the complaint and with head of the MBP who was behind it.  They raised the fee to CYA.  Then I stepped in!!!  The case is still pending a ruling from the COA in Maryland.  If you are not a lawyer, I strongly advise not to judge any reporting against any MD or post any links implying wrong doing until justice is served.

The patient was/is a junkie former Baltimore cop and professional patient who was on his 3rd strike with the VA over heartburn per se.  Despite over $60k/year in income, the patient beg the doctor for 4 signed DBQs for $4k.  The patient went from 50% to 60% as a result.  Significant benefits increase!  The veteran then charged back the $4k to AMEX the next day after uploading the document to the DVA just hours prior!  The patient then called and threatened the Doctor’s billing lady repeatedly with violence until she gave back the $4k to AMEX.  At the first trial, the patient admitted not having the money and was broke.  If he had told the MD that, it would of been free or pay later.  Instead the veteran patient filed a bogus complaint that now has him on the run from me, the FBI and the DVA.  My investigation proved discrimination by the Maryland Board of Physicians against a disabled quadriplegia veteran Doctor.  In fact, the junkie veteran patient was a patient at one of a dozen pain clinics owned by the head of the MBP at the time, a DO, with a grudge against the Doctor.  And most likely typed up the bogus complaint since it was medically thorough while repeatedly claiming to be not sure.

Again, if you need any help with getting 100% and you are really sick and broke; just email me!


(signed) Steve

Pretty wild and wooly email there, Steve. I’m not sure if I should shit or go blind. I never said I had bipolar disease. As for getting free drinks for 33 years, my suggestion might be to see a gastrodoc (or your good buddy doctor) pronto and get a Liver Function Test. Well, that and a crash course in English Comp 101.  I have found that when it takes 500 words or more to explain why you ended up on the wrong end of a punji stick, it probably has a much longer backstory with a heapin’ helpin’ of stupidity that explains why.  Or… in the instant case, the low-life ‘junkie’ Vet mentioned above discovered he got taken to the cleaners and found out a hop, skip and a jump after the check cleared the bank. Caveat emptor, dude. And P.S. too, I’m already 290% P&T but thanks for the offer of the free IME.

While I love and have always tried to be brutally honest in my responses to queries about VA law, it seems there are a few there, much like the Poohbahs at “Pink Peggy’s VBN site” who equally dislike being told they are leading Vets astray. VBN  Moderators insist the VA is a stand up outfit. I want some of what they’re smoking. I prefer to tell the truth-as ugly as it may come across. I don’t wrap advice in cotton candy. I don’t need to. A Vet will find out in short order if I am blowing smoke up their ass. In the same vein, they come thirsty for knowledge, not wild goose chases to links to CCK or DAV explaining it to them in lawspeak. And most probably do not come (but I’m not sure) looking to find the most expensive holistic IMO provider in the Yellow pages. When I get into a heated disagreement with a VA DRO, I like to remind them that this is not about them or me. This is about the Veteran. I offer that same advice today free to It’s difficult to avoid leaving Vets behind when you choose to sanitize what Vets are allowed to know.

Which brings us to John and Jerrel’s famous radio show for aspiring VA compensation seekers. John likes to ask me what my contact information is at the end of the show. Even if I declined to say, it’s readily found on the VA OGC’s accreditation site. Frankly, in this business, if you have to advertise, you’re doing something wrong. I get about 100 calls a week begging me to help. I wish I could. Maybe I ought to start a gofundme™ site to buy a bunch of JDs to cover the overload? Anybody know Gary Sinise’ phone number?

Anyway, I’ve been invited to discuss the VA’s letter and the idea of how that weaponizes the IMO process against us. Jez, I’d say VA looks like a Spad in 1970 struggling for V2 7,500 feet down the runway at NKP and the stick ain’t responding. VA has had every litigation hard point loaded with CBU 26/49 and liquid sunshine since the War of 1812 in case a body hadn’t noticed. Their IMO shitlist letter is merely more proof of the crime.

This is what it truly means to leave no one behind. Even wounded civilians.

But let’s talk about that next Thursday on the 10th. I’m heading out to Houston tomorrow for what may be my last Legacy sit down face-to-face travel board hearing. It’s for my oldest client Malcolm in the Middle. Google him. You’ll find him on my site.

The call in number is

(515) 605-9764

Or, if preferred via your computer…

The show starts at 1900 Hrs EST or 1600 Hrs on the more enlightened, liberal, westerly side of the nation. I look to see you there. If you come to “bash” us (certainly no pun intended), why, hell’s bells-we’ll still welcome you. While I cannot speak for other VA litigators, I can say that I profess to be a bit of a mustang at representing Vets. I’m the A in ICARE. Advocacy is the VA’s choice for the letter  in the acronym. I might say it stands for ahole. Litigators have to be one to win one. Shoot. Why not assknod? It does have a certain cachet, n’est pas?

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

P.S. Revised 3/09/22

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  1. Carl Bacon says:

    I guess I will take a break from HADIT for a while. I will probably cancel my monthly $25 (and yearly $50) stipend to that site as well. Seems that internet sites have taken to the WOKE crowd and are acting more like the mainstrean media lately. Everyone is scared of their shadows, as they used to say. Anyway, hang tough..


  2. Laura says:

    For the people who think linking to public information is wrong, nonsense. People can make complaints about professionals, and this is private during the investigation process. In VT, if one wishes to look at disciplinary actions, they can search here and see the complaint and facts.
    I checked out a professional who had sex with his patient in 2021. A Google search seems to indicate that he is still working. Does the public have the right to know about these charges?
    Yes. If there is a trial, the outcome (guilty/not guilty) should be published–including pleas.

    I’m not sure what Hadit is so worried about to linking to public documents. If a government creates, say, a report, published or unpublished, it is in the public domain. If it’s classified, researchers can request it, but it will most likely be heavily redacted.

  3. Calvin Winchell- Army Veteran says:

    Gosh, hope this Houston legacy hearing is not your last? Remember me?
    When you accomplish as much as you have for veterans and explain things in simple comprehensive terms, give only referrals for IMO’s and operate honestly and tell it like it is -the world is full of critics and thief’s… I wouldn’t have anybody else represent me lawyer or not! You know more concerning Veterans law than most money grubbing dishonest attorneys and I pray you never change. Keep up the great work you perform for our veterans…

  4. Quancidine Hinson-Gribble says:

    After “TEN YEARS” of observation and being a, “Surviving Spouse” of a “QUIET PROFESSIONAL” I can say that a lot of “FRAUD”, “THEFT”, “IDENTITY THEFT”, “COMPUTER DEVICE FRAUD”, is just the, “TIP OF THE ICEBERG”. The VA, VBA and their employees are working with our Bank Employees to, “RE ROUTE” our money after being, “AWARDED”. Not to mention, The United States Post Office, who have, “HANDLERS” in place to deliver our, “AWARD LETTERS”, our, “US TREASURY CHECKS”, to individuals who have gotten a, “DUPLICATE DRIVERS LICENSE” of ours and are cashing our checks at various banks and shopping centers whom cash checks. This whole ordeal of, “NOT” paying our, “VETERANS” who have served is to, “AGGRAVATE” our, “VETERANS” until they, “DIE” and then treat their, “SURVIVING SPOUSES” like “SHIT”!!! This adds, “INSULT” to “INJURY”, not to mention all of the, “CRIMES” and “CIVIL” Atrocities”, such as the many Violations of the, “PRIVACY ACT of 1974”. Everything, President Dwight Eisenhower said has come true, The Military Industrial Complex left unchecked will create chaos that has caused irrefutable damage to our, Veterans, their Families and their Widows (in my words)!!!! Many Veterans and their, “SURVIVING SPOUSES” have been left for, “DEAD”, while these, “CRIMINALS” are living a, “LAVISH LIFESTYLE” off of the, “VETERANS” who gave their, “ALL” for a Country who has treated them far worse than any, “WAR” they have been in. I THANK GOD, for the changes that are taking place right now, it’s just “NOT” happening fast enough for me. I want these, “Treasonous”, “Domestic Terrorists”, who have put our Country at, “RISK”, whom have allowed these, “NATIONAL SECURITY BREACHES” to occur every time somebody steps foot on a, “MILITARY BASE” with our, “STOLEN ID CARDS”, “HUNG” at, GUANTANAMO BAY like, President Bush and VP Dick Cheney. I have had enough of all of the, “BULLSHIT” surrounding our, “Pensions” and other entitlements for, “SURVIVING SPOUSES” who are, “NOT” receiving anything!!! The United States of America, should be, “ASHAMED” and should be making all of the above, “RESPONSIBLE” for their “ACTIONS”. #ThisCannotContinue #FortBraggNorthCarolina #VA #VBA #VeteransAdministration #Veterans #SurvivingSpouses #QuancidineHinsonGribble #StillFightingForOurVeterans #StillFightingForWhatIsDueToMe
    I hope I made myself absolutely clear in my narrative.
    Quancidine Hinson-Gribble (Surviving Spouse)
    Late Husband, Robert Gribble (Quiet Professional), Korea, Vietnam War, Retiree of the, United States Army

  5. Longfellow Rogoczy says:

    Thank you, Alex for all that you do for Veterans!
    Your actions with the VA speak louder than words.
    Oh BTW, that atty sounded as though he was a bit tipsy as he crafted that rambling above ^^^^

    • asknod says:

      Roger that, Longfellow. . Assuming this is his everyday English composition, can you imagine what his legal briefs look like? This was my favorite:
      ” I am the craziest one of five senior counselors state side for the largest cartel south of the border.”
      Ruh-oh, Rorge. Somebody’s off their meds, too.

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